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Extra 3

University of Maryland College Park

In their second year of marriage, Jian Yao got her wish.  She received a letter of admission for her doctoral degree at the Department of Psychology in University of Maryland. 

Bo Jinyan decides to accompany her to the US.  He will be working in the University as a professor.

Jian Yao hesitates as they discuss about the issue: “Are you sure you want to come?  I will fly back every holiday, and you can come and visit me during term time.”  As Bo Jinyan is a consultant for the Ministry of Public Security, he won’t be able to help the FBI with their investigations.  She knows her husband well.  He will find a pure academic role very boring.  

Bo Jinyan looks at her: “Have you forgotten the agreement we made when I proposed?”

Jian Yao can’t remember what he said.  She shakes her head: “…. agreement?”

Bo Jinyan bends down and gives her a peck on her cheeks, then he says proudly: ”I will love you with all my wisdom, and with all that is in me.   And I will continue to love you for the rest of my life.”  

- I want to be with you everyday.  Even if we are apart for one day, I can’t bear it.  How can we be separated for at least six months a year for a few years? 

Jian Yao is touched by his sweet words.  She lifts her sparkly eyes and asks him: “What is the first half of the first sentence you said?”

Bo Jinyan knows what she wants to hear.  He says in a soft sexy voice: “I love you.”

After a passionate kiss, Jian Yao asks him: “But what about your work with the Ministry of Public Security?”

Bo Jinyan says: “My apprentice will cover for me.”

The apprentice he recently acquired is an officer from Lin City.  Her name is Xu Xu. 

(Note from TB:  For those who has read “When I snail loves”, you will recognise this name.  She is female lead for the novel.”)

Jian Yao has a query: “Ok.  But would her husband be ok with the arrangement?  He works in Beijing!”

Bo Jinyan looks surprised: “That’s not my problem.  They can sort it out.”


Maryland University.

It was a bright sunny day in August. The sky was painted a bright blue and the shiny green grass glistened in the sun.

Jian Yao is sitting on the first row of the lecture theatre.  She is leaning forward, with her hand under her chin.  She is admiring her husband, who is standing behind the podium, teaching the class.  He speaks fluent English.  

This is her most favourite class. She can observe if his tie is straight, and whether the colour of his shirt match the rest of his outfit.  Then, when he turns around to write something on the blackboard, she thinks to herself… oh, even the sight of his back is so handsome.  

Professor Bo Jinyan though, is not as relaxed.  He’s already heard a few comments from some of the ‘boys with testosterones overload’: 

“Have you noticed that Chinese girl?  She is so cute.”

“Oh, and sexy too.”

“I will be the first guy to go on a date with her.”


Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan have made an agreement not to disclose their relationship to others in the University.  She doesn’t want other students to look at her differently.  

Naturally, Bo Jinyan is not happy with those boys.  If he can have his way, he will kick them out of his class.  But that is professionally an unacceptable option.  So, the only thing he can do is to endure. 

But everything has a limit.  

One day, when Bo Jinyan is waiting in his car for his wife to go for lunch with him, he sees a tall boy with blond hair walking beside Jian Yao.  He is the one who claimed that he will be ‘the first guy to go on a date with her.”  

Bo Jinyan looks coldly at him.  He gets out of the car.  

The boy’s name is Sam.  Although he is quite cute and have a sense of humour, Jian Yao finds him rather annoying.   He’s been pestering her for a while. She has told him on more than one occasion that she is married, but he doesn't believe her.

“You are married?”  He says: “Surely it’s a joke.  You are in your early twenties, right?  No one gets married this young nowadays.” 

At this moment, Bo Jinyan walks up to them.  

He is a man that attracts attention wherever he goes.  All the students nearby look at him as he stands in front of Sam.

Sam is surprised too: “Professor Bo, how are you!”

Jian Yao is stunned to see him too.  Bo Jinyan gives a small smile and replies to Sam: “I am well.  What are you doing?”

Sam can’t believe the usually aloof professor is conversing with him: “I am planning to have lunch with Jenny.  What about you?”

Bo Jinyan nods and says: “I am planning to have lunch with my wife.”

Jian Yao puts her hand over her face.  That’s it!  He is obvious not happy.  Her initial plan was to walk away quietly, but Bo Jinyan’s sentence has stirred up everyone’s curiosity.  More students, and even a few teachers gathers around them.

“Professor Bo is married?  Congratulations!”  

“Is Professor Bo’s wife a Chinese too?”

“She must be very pretty.”

“Will we have a chance to meet her?”


Bo Jinyan can’t be bothered to answer all the questions, he just says a simple ‘Thank you” after the last question.  

Jian Yao wants to dig a hole and hide inside.  Then she sees his hand reaching out towards her.

Suddenly, everyone is quiet.  

She lifts her head, and sees Bo Jinyan looking at her: “Let go for lunch.”

Jian Yao: “…..Sure.”

Bo Jinyan gives Sam a glance: “Looks like my wife prefers to have lunch with me.”

Sam: “Oh….”

Then Bo Jinyan holds Jian Yao’s hand and walks off.  

Suddenly, it dawned on them that this Chinese beauty is Professor Bo’s wife!  

Sam’s body stiffens: “So… I tried to ask his wife out on a date?”

And Professor Bo has a nickname - the cold blooded devil!   But at the end of the year, Sam is relieved that he received a A on the paper taught by Professor Bo.  But… is it his imagination?  Every time Professor Bo looks at him, the gaze is so icy cold that he feels like he is in Alaska…


Americans like parties.  

Bo Jinyan is not keen to attend these functions.  Most of the time, he will decline the invitations - ‘I can’t dance.”, or “I am not not interested.”Therefore the whole university knows he almost never attend any parties. 

“Well, he might be a genius, but he can’t dance.”  That’s the view of most people.  

However, since Jian Yao has come to the US, this has changed.

 Because she has an easy going and amiable personality, plus everyone now knows she is wife of Professor Bo, she has a lot of friends.  And naturally, a lot of invitations to parties.

The night of the first party she went to.

She asks him again: “Are you sure you don’t want to come?  The invitation is for Mr. and Mrs. Bo.”


“Alright, then.”  she goes into the room to get ready for the party.

Half an hour later, she stands in front of the mirror in her curve accentuating sleeveless sapphire blue dress.  She is putting on her earrings.  Suddenly, she feels the warmth of a hand touching her soft and smooth shoulders.  

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?”  She winks at Bo Jinyan.

“Well, since you want me to be there, I’ll go.” He’s changed his mind.  

“Ok.”  She turns around, wraps her hands around his neck and gives him a kiss.  

Ha ha…. She has successfully seduced him.  

A lively party.  

The tall and handsome professor in a black suit attracts a lot of attention.  

Jian Yao is chatting to a few ladies in one end of the room.  She notices in the corner of her eyes that a few ladies attempted to invite Bo Jinyan to dance with them.  

“Can you dance with me, Professor Bo?”

Even though Bo Jinyan is usually arrogant and rude,  he is still a gentleman.   He tries not to hurt their feelings, so he simply answers: “Sorry, I don’t know how to dance.  Goodbye.” 

After he’s declined several invitations, Jian Yao walks over to him and whispers quietly in his ear: “I can teach you…”

Bo Jinyan takes a glance at her, but he didn’t say anything.  

Jian Yao takes it as he doesn't want to learn.

A few minutes later, someone invites Jian Yao to dance.  It’s another lecturer from their school of criminal psychology.  He is a warm and nice man.  Jian Yao has a good impression of him.  She smiles.  And before Bo Jinyan has time to object, she lifts her hand to hold the lecturer’s hand and they walk out to the dance floor.  

Bo Jinyan sits in the sofa with a glass of red wine.  He uncomfortably watches his wife dance with someone else.  

A few minutes later, he puts down his wine glass and walks to the dance floor.  The music for the song has come to an end.   The lecturer is about to ask Jian Yao if she wants another dance when Bo Jinyan  reaches out his hand and ask: “May I?”

Jian Yao turns around and see her husband standing with a smile.  He bows like a gentleman and waits for her answer.

“….Sure.”  she replies.

Nobody there has seen Bo Jinyan dance before.  The crowd awaits.  

Other couples leaves the dance floor.  Jian Yao looks around.  They are the only two people there!

The music starts.  It’s music for tango.  

The cold blooded devil knows how to tango?

Under the chandelier, he holds Jian Yao’s hand and leads the dance.  Jian Yao is stunned. She never knew Bo Jinyan is such a good dancer. He’s an expert on this sensual, romantic and elegant dance.

Everyone is amazed.  When they have finished the dance, the whole room applauds. 

Jian Yao is in his arms: “I thought you don’t know how to dance.  But you are an amazing dancer.” 

Bo Jinyan is pleased with his wife’s praise.   He smiles: “What makes you think I can’t master such a simple thing like dancing?” 

“Then why didn’t you dance earlier?” Jian Yao asks.

“Don’t you think it’s a pathetic activity?”  He answers.

“Well….” She looks at him with a proud smile: “Do you want to stop now?  I will do whatever you say.”  At the same time, she takes a small step forward so there is even less space between them. 

Bo Jinyan does not answer.  But he does not want to let go of his beautiful and sexy wife.

Since Jian Yao didn’t hear an answer from him, she assumes he wants to stop.  She steps back to turn around but his hand around her waist draws her back into his arms.

“Yes, I still want to dance.”  He answers.

Jian Yao gives a small laugh.  

- Pathetic? Mmm…  It’s the second time in one day that he’s made an exception for her.  She feels a sense of accomplishment.   

But the following morning, she questions herself whether she has done the ‘right’ thing.  Even bone in her body feels sore.  They had a vigorous session after the party last night… 

She is so tired that she just wants to lie in bed all day.  Bo Jinyan, on the other hand, feels very satisfied and smiles to his wife: “In the future, I will try my best to make time to go to parties with you.”  


“Don’t you think we had fun last night?” 


Ms Jian Yao, you should be careful if you tease a man who’s only lost his virginity when he’s twenty six years old.  The consequences may be beyond what you expect. 

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Extra 2

A story about ‘voice’

(from Chapter 15) 

Jian Yao is lying in bed when Fu Ziyu calls.
“Your voice sounds funny.  Are you ok? Do you have a toothache?  Or is your face swollen because someone hit you?”  asks Fu Ziyu. 

Jian Yao tries not to laugh.  She has a whitening mask on her face. It’s hard to talk when you don’t want to open your mouth.

“Mask! What’s up?” She answers.

Fu Ziyu is amused.  He turns to Bo Jinyan and says: “Hey Bo Jinyan, she sounds like a sheep.  It’s kinda whiny but it’s cute. Do you want to listen to it?” 

Bo Jinyan answers :”Why would I want to hear her distorted voice?” 

By this time, Jian Yao has removed the thin piece of sheet from her face: “Hey, I didn’t answer the phone to get mocked.” 


Even geniuses make errors of judgement.   Bo Jinyan realises this after he has a girlfriend.  

As you know, when a couple engages in a particular… sport, the woman often involuntarily murmurs some… strange sounds.

One night, after some vigorous ‘exercise’, they cuddle in bed. Jian Yao is using her finger to draw circles on Bo Jinyan’s chest.  He looks down and grabs her hand.  

“Actually…” He says in a plain voice: “I don’t mind if you use that type of voice to speak to me.”

Jian Yao is not sure what he is talking about: “What type of voice?”

Bo Jinyan gives her a sly smile.  

Jian Yao realises what he means now.  She blushes and retorts: “You mentioned before that you don’t like to hear my distorted voice. Why… ” 

Bo Jinyan answers seriously: “I have to take that statement back.  I just discovered, this level of distortion excites me.” 

Jian Yao: “….”


Link to the The strong man


Bo Jian

Bo Jian has been Bo Jinyan’s little pride since his birth.   

(Yes, you guessed right, their daughter’s name is Bo Yao) 

Most babies are born without eyebrows.  And because of the puffiness of their eyelids, some babies cannot open their eyes wide right away.  However, little Bo Jian has been a handsome boy right from the start of his life.  Just seconds after he has come out of his mother’s room, you can see his pair of black eyes looking around curiously.  

Bo Jinyan’s evaluation is: “This son doesn’t look too stupid.  Perhaps he will have an above average IQ and sharpness - a portion of his father’s ability”

Jian Yao is lying in bed. She is resting.  The birth process is a lot more tiring than she expected.  She is surprised: “Only a portion?”

Bo Jinyan lifts up her hand and kisses it, and says: “My dear.  You know that I love you to bits, but we cannot deny the truth.  The IQ of the next generation is an average of their parent’s IQ.  I am very sorry, but unfortunately our son can’t possibly be a genius.”
Jian Yao: “….. get out!”


However, as Bo Jian grows, they realise Bo Jinyan’s prediction is not very accurate.  

Even though it’s hard to identify all his talents and gifting at such a young age, it is evident that his son is more intelligent than other kids his age. According to Bo Jinyan, Bo Jian is not as smart as when he was a kid, but he still have to admit that ‘Bo Jian is good enough to be considered a genius”.

It’s true that the little man is gifted in a certain area.

For example…

One day, when Jian Yao gets home after work, she sees her son watching Japanese manga. She smiles at him and asks him” Zhi Zhi, are you hungry?  We will go for dinner once your father comes home.”

(Zhi Zhi is Bo Jian’s nickname.  ‘Shang Shang’ is Bo Jinyan’s daughter’s nickname.  “Zhi Shang’ means IQ in Chinese.)

Jian Yao has a warm smile on her face as she spoke to her son.  Bo Jian takes a quick glance at her, then turns back to watch TV.  And he says to her: “I noticed there’s frustration on your face. What has he done again?  Something childish that he is not aware of?”  

The ‘he’ Bo Jian refers to is obviously his low EQ father.

Jian Yao: “….. Don’t say that about your dad!  It’s something to do with a case we are working on.”


Another example.

Bo Jinyan is sitting in the study looking at the pictures of three suspects.  He is trying to decide who the killer is…  

Bo Jian comes into the study to find a detective novel.  He takes a look at his father.  

“Oh, the killer is the person in the second picture.”  He says.

Bo Jinyan is concentrating on his work, he subconsciously answers his son: “Oh, you think so too.  You are my son indeed…” Then it dawned on him.  He lifts his head and frowns: “Bo Jian, who gave you permission to read my micro-expressions?”

Bo Jian ignores his dad and sings the theme song from his favourite cartoon as he skips out of the study.  (However, he is completely out of tune.)


One more example.

During one of Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao’s wedding anniversaries, Bo Jinyan says to Bo Jian: “Today, you and Bo Yao will be staying with Uncle Fu Ziyu.  Your mother and I are working on a very important case.  We will need to work through the night.  We can’t be disturbed.”

Bo Jian looks at his father and says: “Oh cut it out, dad.  I know you want some private time with mom.  Your micro-expressions is filled with the same look that male animals have when they are aiming to attract females for mating.”

Bo Jinyan answers without shame: “Ok.  You know the reason why you need to leave the house.   Just do what you are told.”    
Jian Yao blushes: “…. Shut up!  Both of you….”


That’s right, Bo Jian is a natural when it comes to reading people’s micro-expressions.  When he was ten, Bo Jinyan brought him to the Department of National Security Polygraph Examination Office. 

His test results are amazing.  Ordinary people will maintain their micro-expression between 1/25 seconds to 1/5 seconds.  Most humans can only recognise longer and clear facial expressions, but Bo Jian is able to recognise expressions maintained for only 2/25 second.  That’s as quick as a computer!  

Jian Yao is very proud of her son.  Bo Jinyan is proud of him too, of course, but he is also a little uncomfortable.  This is because the expert in the Polygraph Examination Office told Bo Jian he can visit the office whenever he wants to: “You can give us some advice when you visit.” 

Bo Jinyan was invited to help the FBI when he was fifteen years old.  But his son is only ten years old!

Even though he is uncomfortable that his son is invited to be a counsel at a much young age than him,  he resigns to the fact that in the area of micro expressions, his son shows more talent than him.  After all, if it’s not for his superior genes, his son would never have this ability.  So, it’s partly his achievement too.     

He enthusiastically designs a comprehensive ‘psychological crime investigation training program’ for his son.  He is determined to train him up to be a top class detective, just as what he did with his wife.

 Much to his surprise, Bo Jian refused: “I am not interested.  I am only interested in micro expressions.”

Bo Jinyan is stunned.  Then he laughs mockingly: “You will never become a top class detective if you only rely on micro-expressions.”

Bo Jian thinks for a while, then he answers his father: “You missed one important point.  An ‘ordinary’ genius like you will need to grasp the skills in all areas of investigation.  But I am the genius of geniuses in micro-expressions.  This will be enough for me to become a top class detective.”  

Bo Jinyan smiles coldly.  What?  His son says he is only an ‘ordinary’ genius?
What a joke! 

“You are shallow and naive.  I won’t discuss this with you any further.” He says: “But truth will reveal itself.  You will find out in time who is the genius of geniuses.”


One month later. 

Bo Jinyan invites his ‘unfavored’ son along to an interrogation. 

It’s the first time he is involved in a real interrogation. But Bo Jian is very confident of himself.  He says arrogantly to his parents: “Give me ten minutes.  I will find out the truth from reading his micro-expressions.”

Jian Yao watches as her son walks into the interrogation room.  Bo Jinyan has a cunning smile on his face.  


Ten minutes later. 

Bo Jian looks at the suspect.  He can’t read the suspect’s micro expression on his face.   He is shocked.  How can this be?  The speed of how fast he can recognise an expression is 2/25 second.  Why can’t he read this man’s micro expressions?
Then Bo Jinyan walks in.  

In all honesty, Bo Jinyan rarely works on such simple cases.  However, he is making an exception this time.  His deductions are so detailed and accurate that the suspect is completely taken by surprise.  He mutters: “How did you know that?  Are you a fortune teller?  I admit… I admit… Yes, I killed him…”

Bo Jian stands in the room, flushed with shame.  

From that day onwards, he is a changed boy.  He is no longer boastful of his own abilities.  He accepts his father’s training and diligently takes on the comprehensive training.  

Both Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are glad to see the change in attitude in Bo Jian.

One evening, when the couple is in bed, Jian Yao says to Bo Jinyan: “Jinyan, you are amazing.  You have successfully persuaded the little man to build a solid foundation and learn a range of skills and techniques.  Well done.”  

Bo Jinyan smiles: “Well of course.  I am the father.  He is my son.”

Jian Yao can’t help but laugh.  She is a little puzzled too: “That suspect is able to hide his feelings so well.  Even Bo Jian can’t read his micro-expressions.” 

Bo Jinyan gives her a quick glance: “My dear, no one can hide their feelings that well.”

Jian Yao: “Huh?”

Bo Jinyan smiles: “Ok, it took me a whole month, searching cases from all over the country, to find a suspect with paralysed facial muscles.  He is my son.  How can he outdo me?  It’s just a simple trick. Ha ha…”

Jian Yao: “….”

Bo Jinyan, you went to such great lengths just to prove to your son you are smarter?  You are so childish!