Extra 5

Cross over story with ‘When a snail loves’

Shortly after Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao’s wedding.

The truth is, how these two couples crossed path is a lot less dramatic than you’d imagine.  

It is at the height of summer.  Both couples are delegates of a conference organised by the department of National Security. It is held in a resort in the mountains.  In the evenings, there’s some free time for delegates to enjoy the facilities of the resort.  


One evening, Bo Jinyan brings to Jian Yao to the Leisure Centre where there are a few billiard tables.

No long after they started to play, Bo Jinyan notices that Jian Yao is distracted.  She keeps looking at another man.  Naturally, he is not too pleased about that.  

“He is also a very good billiard player.”  She says as she looks at the handsome man just a few meters away from them.  There is a petite lady standing next to him.  They don’t look like father and daughter.  His Girlfriend? Probably… oh… how cute.

As Bo Jinyan looks up, the man so happens to turn his head around too.  The two man look at each other.

  • Oh,  I know him - Ji Bai.

  • Oh, I know him too - Bo Jinyan.

Ji Bai walks over with a smile: “Hi.”


“Want to play a game?”

“Why not?”

Billiard table is a great place to check out the ‘competition’. 

It’s like a scene out of a TV drama.  Two equally handsome man.  Both are good at the game.  

The petite lady that came with Ji Bai walks over to Jian Yao.  Jian Yao smiles and says to her: “Hi.  Your friend plays well.”

The lady nods.  She looks at Bo Jinyan and says in a serious tone: “And your friend is very handsome.”

Jian Yao laughs.  What a straight forward girl.  And her tone is so serious, as if she is giving a scientific conclusion.  Jian Yao has a good first impression on her: “Hi.  My name is Jian Yao.  That is my husband.”

“Xu Xu.  We are husband and wife too.”

Please note that Xu Xu seldom praises people for their looks.  Especially man.  But in her heart, her perfect man should be tall, fair, refined and sophisticated.  Bo Jinyan ticks all the right boxes.  As for her own husband Ji Bai… well, he is handsome, but too muscular for her liking.  Her love for him has never been based on his physical appearance. 

Jian Yao takes a look at Ji Bai and says: “Your husband is very handsome too.”

Xu Xu looks at her strangely and answers without thinking: “Really?  I never noticed.”

Even though they are speaking softly, the men are able to hear their conversation.  So as Ji Bai hears his wife dismissing his good looks, he loses his concentration and makes an error.  As a result, Bo Jinyan wins the game.

Bo Jinyan gives Ji Bai an arrogant smile: “Thanks for the game.”

But Ji Bai has a cunning plan.  He casually suggests: “Let’s play another game.  This time, we will let them join in as well.“ He turns to look at the two ladies. 

Any activity that involves his wife always makes it more appealing and interesting for Bo Jinyan.  But just as he is about to nod and say yes, he takes a glance at Xu Xu: “I am not interested in playing billiard with underaged girls.”

Ji Bai: “…..”

Jian Yao: “……”  She turns to Xu Xu: “I am so sorry.  Just ignore him.”

The good impression that Xu Xu had of Bo Jinyan earlier quickly shatters.  She looks him in the eye and says: “Come on. Wisdom and skill will determine who is the better player here.”

The four of them takes turn playing.  At the end of the game, the couple’s score will be added up.  Whichever couple has the higher scores win.  

Both men are about the same in their skill levels.  In other words, the result of the game will be based on how well the ladies play.

But unknown to Bo Jinyan, Xu Xu is a very good billiard player.  She is a perfectionist who spent a lot of time to hone her skills.  And not to forget, her coach is Officer Ji Bai.   

As for Jian Yao… she has only played billiard a few times with Li Xunran before.  She is still at beginners level!

Ji Bai has a big smile on his face.  There is no way they are going to lose this game.  As for the earlier comments made by his wife… well, he will use other means tonight when they return to their room to ‘convince’ her that she was wrong.

But then, Xu Xu decides that she should give Jian Yao a hand.  She walks over to Jian Yao and says: “Do you want me to give you a few tips?”

Jian Yao is struggling.  She welcomes all the help she can get: “Sure!”

As Jian Yao bends over onto the table.  Xu Xu bends overs behind her to correct her posture.  She patiently teaches her how to hold the stick and where the tip should hit the white ball… etc etc  Soon, they ignore the two men who is standing there, waiting.  

Ji Bai gives a helpless laugh.  The reason he likes teaching Xu Xu how to play billiard is because he can enjoy this type of close physical contact with her.  However, she has denied him of this ‘pleasure’ as she thinks this is inappropriate public behaviour.  But obviously, she has no problems with having ‘close physical contact’ with another woman.  

But… he can still admire her curves with his eyes.  O, look at those arms, and the curves on her body… 

And Bo Jinyan has a new revelation!  Oh, so this is how you can play billiard.  What a perfect and sexy game!  

Finally, the game ends.  In the end, because both men are pre-occupied with other matters on their minds, Xu Xu scored the highest.  Jian Yao came last as expected.  But she managed to pick up some new skills.  

There is no need to add up the couples’ scores.  Clearly, Ji Bai and Xu Xu are the winner.


When they return to their rooms later that evening, Bo Jinyan says: “Let’s play billiard again tomorrow.  I’ll teach you.”

Jian Yao feels a bit bad: “I am sorry. If only  I was better at the game, you won’t lose to Ji Bai.”

It’s not easy for Bo Jinyan to accept defeat.  He is used to winning!

Actually, soon after they started the second game, Bo Jinyan knew Ji Bai tricked him.  Obviously, Xu Xu was an expert.  There is no way he and Jian Yao could win the game!

He opens his lap top and looks at the student list for the advanced criminal psychology course that he is about to give.  Then he gives a cunning smile: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

We meet again… soon.  As a tutor and a student.

Oh!  Life is sweet. 


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