Chapter 67

Chapter 67
Afternoon.  In a Hong Kong style tea restaurant.  

Hong Kong is known for being crowded.  So little space, so many people.  The tiny restaurant is packed with diners.  It took a while before Ouyang Lin finds an empty table.  He can’t be bothered waiting for the waiters to come to get their orders.  He and Anam walk up to the counter.

Jian Yao is sitting next to Bo Jinyan.  She asks him quietly: “What have you discovered?”
Bo Jinyan smiles: “I still need to verify a few things.” 

Jian Yao nods.

After a while, the two men return.  Ouyang Lin puts 2 plates of rice in front of them: “There’s no grilled eel today.  I ordered a barbecue roast pork and roast goose with rice for you.  It’s their most popular dish here.”

Jian Yao looks down.  Everyone is having the same food - roast pork and roast goose with rice.

Anam takes a pair of chopsticks and starts to eat.  Ouyang Lin is hungry too.  He starts before Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan.  

Bo Jinyan frowns.  Then he starts eating, but obviously, pushing the pork to one side.  He is only eating the goose.   

“Wait.” said Jian Yao.  She transfers the roast pork from his plate to hers, and gives him all her roast goose.  

Bo Jinyan smiles at her: “Thanks.”

During the whole exchange process, they never talked, as if they instinctively knew what’s on each other’s mind.  Both Anam and Ouyang Lin are amazed. 

Jian Yao explains to them: “Oh, he doesn’t take roast pork.”  But of course, she didn’t elaborate on the reason.  

Ouyang Lin smiles.  Anam continues with his meal.  

Jian Yao’s phone rings.  It’s her mother.  She walks outside to take the call.

The three men are left at the table. Ouyang Lin thought he should start a topic of conversation since he is the host. He smiles to Bo Jinyan: “Professor, you areso lucky to have such a gentle and considerate girlfriend.”

This is a new experience for Bo Jinyan.  People usually speak to him out of respect.  Even if it’s out of envy, it’s because of his high IQ.  It’s the first time it’s on his success on finding the right woman.

Ha ha…. that’s inevitable that other men are jealous of him.  

He smiles, and then he looks at Ouyang Lin and says: “Thank you.”

Ouyang Lin smiles back.  Bo Jinyan looks at Anam, who kept quiet all these time.  Anam doesn't think that it concerns him at all.  But since, Bo Jinyan is looking at him, he pauses, then replies: “Top 15% - 30%.  Not bad indeed.”

They have been working together for some time now.  They are getting more familiar with each other.  Bo Jinyan just smiles: “Ah, a rookie that has never been in love.”

Anam is puzzled: “What do you mean?”

Bo Jinyan has no patience to teach juniors.  He just laughs in his heart.

What a stupid kid.  He fails to understand one simple truth.

There’s no ranking when it comes to love.  She is his one and only -  No.1.


The third person they are visiting is the male victim Yang Yu Zhe's apartment.

This young architect lived alone in a well-designed and classy apartment.  His brother is there to meet them.  

“Why did the pervert choose Yu Zhe?” The brother speaks with reddened eyes. He is aggrieved: “He gets on with everyone.  He has a bright future in front of him…”
Jian Yao takes a look at the apartment.  Like his brother said, he is an outstanding person.  He’s an award winning architect, working in a one of the best firms in town.  The novel he wrote in his spare time has won many awards and is a best seller.  Like Zhou Lin Po, his house is full of trophies and awards.  

Bo Jinyan picks up his latest trophy.  It has the words ‘Winner of 2013 Hong Kong Galaxy Writing Competition engraved on it.  His brother explains: “This is the highest achievement he has obtained so far.  He was one of two people who got this award.  It is very special.  He was planning to give up his architectural career to become a full-time writer.”

Bo Jinyan picks up a pile of letters.  These are fan mails.  Looks like his novel is very popular.  His audience covers a large age group.  Bo Jinyan looks at Ouyang Lim.  Ouyang Lim nods and says: “We’ve checked out his fans.  There’s no one that is suspicious.” 

Jian Yao asks the brother: “Does he has a girlfriend?”
The brother shakes his head: “My brother spent all his time on work and his writing.  Now that he’s giving up his day job, he would have had more time to find a girl, and settle down.  He was looking at buying his own apartment.  But now…”

Everyone is silent.  

The overall impression they got from Yang Yu Zhe’s family and friends is that he is a high achiever with pleasant personality.  He is not from a wealthy family.  His parents died a few years ago from illness.  But he and his brother have had a comfortable and good life…. until a few days ago.  

The last place to visit is their youngest victim - Li Kaixuan’s house. 

Well, to be correct, his uncle and auntie’s house.    His parents died in a car accident last year.

The child’s death brought pain and grief to the family, but in a different way to the previous families. When Jian Yao and the others arrive, his uncle (father’s elder brother) is manning his grocery shop.  He looks tired.  His aunt is looking after their two children. 

“We feel sorry for Kaixuan.” The auntie cries as she speaks: “But our work is busy and the shop opens for long hours.  We are always exhausted.  We know that he missed his parents, but he never said anything to us.  He usually hid in the room when he came back from school.  He was an obedient boy, and he did well at school.  If his parents were still around, perhaps he wouldn’t have met the killer, and he’ll be alright…”

She is so overcome with emotions she can’t continue.  Jian Yao consoles her for a while, then she asks: “Can we have a look at his room please?”

“Yes, I’ll show you where it is.”

The Lee family house is not big.  There is no extra room for Kaixuan, and the cousins didn’t want to live in the same room with him.  so Kaixuan stays in the small loft.  

Li Kaixuan is a mature boy for his age.  The loft is neat and tidy.  All the books are classified into genres and stacked neatly.  He has lots of superhero comics like Superman & Spiderman.   There are a lot of awards displayed on the wall:  2nd place in class, winner of writing competition, history knowledge contest winner etc etc 

To everyone’s surprise, Bo Jinyan only took one look at the room.  Then he walks to the entrance: “We can go now.”

The other three people are a little shocked.  Jian Yao rushes up to him: “Why?”

Bo Jinyan looks at her: “I’ve seen what I needed to see.  I have all the clues now.”

Jian Yao asks unbelievably: “You have worked out what his fantasy is?”

Bo Jinyan gives a confident smile.  The others wait for him for an answer.

“Oh, I know everything.” He says: “His fantasy, his desires, and his next target…”

The others are amazed.  He continues: “…and how we can find out his name, identity and what he looks like.”


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    1. I think he's rating Jian Yao and the other saying Jian Yao is in the top 15 to 30% of all women. It seems he's basing the ranking on Jian Yao's personality, looks, behavior, etc. The overall message is that she would be highly desirable as a friend and girlfriend.

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