Extra 1

The virgin theory verification

(From Chapter 26 …Shen Dan Wei replies: “Man and woman who are deprived for a long time usually behaves strangely, like Director Bo and Manager Lin.  They are more critical and easily irritable, it’s a result from abstaining from sex for too long.”)

Bo Jinyan scoffed at Shen Dan Wei’s abstinence theory… until he was no longer a virgin.  

One night, he wraps his arm around Jian Yao and says: “There is some truth in Shen Dan Wei’s theory after all.”

Jian Yao is confused: “What are you talking about?”

Bo Jinyan answers: “Lately, I feel that life has taken a turn for the better.  I am more happy and contented.  Previously, I was more pugnacious and easily irritated.” 


The crab meal

Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are regular diners at seafood restaurants.  

A weekend shortly after they finished the case at Yin Ziqi’s office, they went to a seafood restaurant to have crabs.  

Usually, most of the food is consumed by Bo Jinyan, as he really likes seafood.  Jian Yao is rather indifferent, so the best parts of the crab ends up in Bo Jinyan’s stomach.  

But this time, Bo Jinyan remembers Pei Ze reserving the best parts for Jian Yao when he invited Jian Yao to his house. So…

He takes out the best meaty parts of the crab, puts them in a plate and gives it to Jian Yao: “You don’t have to thank me.”

Jian Yao is surprised to see him giving her his favourite parts of the crabs.  Then, she remembers the ‘Pei Ze incident’ too.  She thinks to herself: Surely, he is not jealous… is he?  

She suddenly feels very touched.  She blushes as she picks up a piece of crabmeat he gave her.  

Bo Jinyan looks at her and smiles: “Wow.  You truly do blush every time you eat good quality crabmeat.  What sort of strange psychological response is that?"

Jian Yao answers: “… Because I like… it.”  

Because I like you!  You arrogant fool!  


Watching TV

One day, Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jinyan  are watching a programme on law and order produced by the CCTV, where crimes are reenacted.   And that particular episode starts with showing a car that is shaking violently because a couple is having sex inside the car.  

Jian Yao (blushing): “How could they….”

This is a fascinating eye opener for Bo Jinyan : “Oh… it’s possible to do this?”

Jian Yao: “Let’s skip this.”

Bo Jinyan : “No.  Let’s watch it again.  I must write a letter to commend the team that produced this episode.  This is both entertaining and educational.  It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

Yes, I forgot to tell you. The name of the programme is “大案终结者 “. (literal meaning is ‘putting an end to the big cases’)   

(Note from TB: This is an actual TV programme aired in China in 2014. It caused a bit of a stir with the realistic sex scene in one of the episodes. I think this would make more sense if we’ve actually watched the programme…)


Hi Robot

One day, Jian Yao bought a robot vacuum cleaner.  

Mr. Bo’s upper lip curled in disdain as he watches the little round and flat machine moved around the room.  

That night, Jian Yao woke up in the middle of the night.  She heard Bo Jinyan ’s voice coming from the study: “Hi Robot.  This is Silence.”  

(Note from TB:  Bo Jinyan spoke in English.)

Jian Yao was stunned:  We have guests in the house at this time of the night? 

Then she opened the door and found Bo Jinyan  squatting down in the middle of the room.  Chen Mo was on his left, and the robot vacuum cleaner was on his right.  

Jian Yao said to herself: Ah, looks like her husband has a second little companion!


Family Performance

First of June.  The kindergarten requests each family to come up with a performance item.

This is a difficult task for the Bo family,

The teacher suggests: “Perhaps you can sing a song together.  That is the most simple option.”

Immediately, both Mr.Bo Snr and Mr.Bo Jnr refuses: “No!”

In the end, Bo Jinyan  tells the teacher they will perform a dance.  A scene from Swan Lake.  Jian Yao is shocked…

Later, she realises what he really means.  The dance will be performed by Jian Yao and their daughter.  As for father and son, they will pretend to be trees.  Two trees that stand on stage from the start to the end of the dance. 



At one stage, Jian Yao likes to drink cider vinegar.  Bo Jinyan  ridicules her as ‘the woman who likes to drink vinegar’  

(Note from TB: the phrase ‘like to drink vinegar’ means ‘a lover that easily gets jealous’ in Chinese.)  

Jian Yao retorts: “Don't you like drinking vinegar too?”

But Bo Jinyan  is not the same Bo Jinyan  who didn’t know much about love when they first started dating.   He gets what she means straight away.”

He thinks about it seriously for a while: “Yes, I like to drink vinegar that’s from your cup.”

Then he gives her a proud glance: “You see, I am not the same low EQ guy that I used to be.”

Jian Yao: “…..”


Forging signatures

Jian Yao usually signs for all the invoices and receipts that gets delivered to the house, e.g.. courier receipts, water bills etc.

One day, she was out when a delivery arrived.  Bo Jinyan  signed for it.  

When she returned home, she gave a sigh: “I had to imitate your signature before.”

He was stunned for a moment,  She then told him the reason she had to do that.  

After hearing the explanation, he smiled.  

Then next day, when a courier arrived, he quickly went to the door: “I will sign for it.”  

Then when someone came to deliver the water bill, he picked up his Mont Blanc pen and opened the door…

Jian Yao:  Stopping being so pompous, will you? 

(Note from TB: to be honest, I don’t fully get this story…)


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