Chapter 84

Chapter 84

This is the first time Jian Yao managed to sleep for so many hours in weeks.    

She is not imprisoned by Xie Han anymore.  There’s no blinding white light.  No drugs and hallucination.  No footsteps or Xie Han’s voice appearing suddenly. 

However, her mind is still too unsettled for a good sleep.  In her dream, she was walking alone, searching.  She didn’t know what she was looking for, but there was a strong desire in her mind.   When she finally opens her eyes, she understands why she is so anxious - even in her sleep.   She immediately calls for a nurse to accompany her to Anam’s room.  

She looks at the clock on the wall.  It’s 10:00am.  She quickly washes up.  She stands in front of the mirror and splashes some water over her face.  Then she looks up and stares at herself in the mirror.  She is still weak and pale.  And her heart is filled with concern for the man she loves dearly.

Soon, she hears someone opening her room door from behind her.  She is drying her face with a towel.  She quickly says: “I won’t be long.  Please accompany me to Anam’s hospital room.”

Jiao Yao hears a ‘pang’ sound.  The person has closed the door.  Then she hears footsteps coming towards her.  

Her body stiffens.  Before she can turn around, there’s a pair of arms around her waist.  He holds her from behind, and pulls her into his embrace.

Jian Yao gasps.  She quickly turns around and put her hands around his neck.

A familiar scent surrounds her.  He still has his big black coat on.  It has a faint smell of gunpowder.   His short thick black hair… The handsome but cool look on his face… She looks at him.  He is also staring at her. 

All the stress and pain that’s built up over the past weeks starts to melt away.  She is ecstatic to see him.  

“Jinyan… Jinyan…” She subconsciously repeats his name. This is real.  It is not a dream.  She reassures herself by saying his name, again and again.  He is back, and she is safe.  They are finally together again.  

Bo Jinyan lowers his head and kisses her.   She belongs to him.  He can hear her every breath, and her every sob.  He holds her in his arm.  The room is quiet and still, except for the digital display on the medical monitoring equipment that is beside the bed. 

He is holding her so close it’s like their bodies are welded together.  

  She can feel his cold and gentle breaths.  She closes her eyes as they kiss.  But Bo Jinyan keeps his eyes open. He refuses to miss any opportunity that he can look at her face.   Then he notices the red marks on her neck, and the bruises on her arms which are under her sleeves. He lets go of her.  Jian Yao is lost in his tender kisses.  She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him.  He moves his hand and carries her to the bed.  

“I have slept for a long time.” She says softly.

“You need more rest.” He says and sits down on the bed beside her.  He gently glides his fingers over the bruises and marks, then his hand returns to touch her face.  

“Ah..” Jian Yao lifts her hand to hold his.

Bo Jinyan is reluctant to let go of her too.  He takes his coat off and lies down on the bed with her.  He carefully pulls her into his arms and kisses her again. 

Jian Yao doesn’t ask him about Xie Han.  She doesn’t ask how Bo Jinyan escaped. And he doesn’t want to tell her. But her heart still aches as she thinks of what he might have gone through, and tears steam down her cheeks. He quietly kisses away her tears.   He hears some footsteps coming toward their room.  He quickly gets out of bed to lock the door, then he returns to Jian Yao.

Warm sun rays shines through the hospital ward windows.  His hand clenches hers, and with his arm supporting his body weight, he climbs up on top of her.  He kisses her hair, then her forehead, nose, mouth, neck, her every finger… gently and slowly, moving an inch at a time.  Jian Yao can’t stop herself crying.  But she can’t stop the smile on her face either.  Bo Jinyan’s touch has sooth any remaining fear and doubt that is in her mind. Everything is back to its original place.  There is no need to fear anymore.  All the dark and painful memories are wiped away by the assurance of his love.  They are completely lost in one other’s presence.  


When twilight comes, Fu Ziyu can’t wait any longer.  

Bo Jinyan went straight into Jian Yao’s room. He didn’t talk to anyone along the way, didn’t stop by Anam’s room, didn’t even get check  by the doctor after his showdown with Xie Han…  The FBI is still waiting to talk to him.

Fu Ziyu is wheel chaired to Jian Yao’s room.  He asks the other agents to leave first, then he takes out a key to open the door.

He is a little surprised that the room is so quiet.  

He sees the two of them squeezing in the single hospital bed.  They are lying sideways, facing and embracing each other, like two kids try to keep warm by hugging together.  Bo Jinyan is a big tall man, he takes up most of the bed.  Jian Yao curls up and tugs herself in his arms.  

He looks at them for a while, then he quietly closes the door.

He smiles. What’s the hurry?  Let them enjoy each other’s company for a while, without any interruptions from the outside world. 


Jian Yao is woken up when Fu Ziyu closes the door.  She opens the eyes and finds Bo Jinyan looking at her.  He is aware too.   She looks at the clock on the wall.  They have been sleeping in that position for the whole afternoon.  

Jian Yao moves her head to touch his chest.  Bo Jinyan looks at her.  His heart has a familiar congested feeling. 

He first felt this on the first day of her disappearance.  It’s something that is very foreign to him.  He’s never felt this way in his life.  Bo Jinyan slowly realised what it is. Whenever he feels Jian Yao is in pain, or unhappy, he has this congested feeling. It’s a natural response.  It’s because your heart aches when you see or sense the person you love is going through rough times.  

“Aren’t they waiting for you?”  Jian Yao asks him: “Perhaps you should see them first?”

Bo Jinyan tightens his arms around her: “My work is done.  We have rescued all the prisoners.  Surely they  can tell how important you are to me?  My priority is to be with you.”

Jian Yao laughs.  After a while, she touches his neck and asks softly: “Your voice… can it be restored?”

Bo Jinyan looks at her.  He knows her heart aches for him.  So he lied: “Of course.”

Jian Yao is relieved. But then she hears him say: “But I don’t intend to restore it.”

Jian Yao: “…. why?”

He glances at her: “Don’t you think this voice is more attractive?”


One month later.  In the B City airport. 

The New Year is only a few days away.  The airport is packed with people, ready to leave or arrive at B City to spend the holidays with their families.  Bo Jinyan has his arm around Jian Yao’s waist.  Fu Ziyu and Anam follow behind them.  They are pushing the luggage and giving the loving couple plenty of private space.  Yin Ziqi and Lin Yi Yang are reunited in America.  They will be spending their New Year together in the US.  

Jian Yao sees three familiar faces once she steps outside the customs area.  She is so excited.  She leaves Bo Jinyan’s arms and runs up to greet them.

“Mom, Xiao Xuan, Xunran!”  She wraps her hands around her sister and her mom.  Li Xunran stands by their side.  She looks at him.  He smiles back.

Bo Jinyan and the others join the crowd.  They greet one another.  Then the men look at the three ladies who are still crying and cuddling.  

Jian Yao is overjoyed to see her mother and her sister.  At one stage, she thought they’d never meet again.  She is the least teary of the three.  Jian Yao’s mom looks at her daughter, who’s obviously lost weight through the ordeal.  She holds her daughter’s hand and ask where she was hurt and why was she kidnapped etc.  Jian Yao tries to play it down and gloss over the details.  She just reassures her mom that everything is fine now.  But the questions inevitably bring up some unpleasant memories.  Tears fall uncontrollably down Jian Yao’s heart.  

Bo Jinyan is standing beside her.  For the past month, he has only seen her smile.  It’s the first time she’s cried so much since their reunion in the hospital.  As he sees the tears, the familiar congested feeling in his chest is back again.  But he is used to it now.  And while it’s slightly frustrating, he is happy that he can feel this way.  He has found someone worthy enough for him to care about so much.  

While his eyes only have room for Jian Yao, Fu Ziyu and Anam are waiting for some interesting ‘drama’.   Fu Ziyu has figured out, from his few phone conversations between him and Jian Xuan, that although Jian Yao’s mom likes him very much, she is less approving of Bo Jinyan.  

But Bo Jinyan wants to be her son in law. 

And it has never occurred to Bo Jinyan that his future mother in law doesn’t like him.  How is that possible?   

So, when the ladies finally let go of one another, he steps forwards with a smile: “Hi Auntie.  Hi Jian Xuan.  How are you?”

Even though Jian Yao has already told them she is in love with Bo Jinyan, they can’t accept the fact that this strange young genius is going to be their future son/brother in law.  

“Hello, my great god brother in law.” Jian Xuan quickly greets him. 

Obviously, this ‘title’ pleases Bo Jinyan.  He curls his lips into a wider smile.  

Jian Yao’s mom looks at her daughter.  Then she takes a look at Bo Jinyan, and gives a small sigh in her heart.  She nods and says to Bo Jinyan: “Hi.  Thank you for looking after Jian Yao.  Well, as long as the two of you are happy and well… that’s good.”

Fu Ziyu and Anam are both surprised and disappointed.  That’s it? Just one sentence, and she’s given her approval?  It’s too easy!! 

Perhaps, there is a certain blessing to those with low EQ?  Not only his girlfriend is so gentle and caring, even her mother is so nice to him?!

Jian Yao stands beside Bo Jinyan.  She smiles with confidence, as if she already knows her mom will accept Bo Jinyan into the family.  

Bo Jinyan is oblivious to all these emotions and thoughts.  He says to Jian Yao’s mom: “We are perfect for each other.  You don’t have not worry at all.”

Jian Yao mom’s don’t know how to reply: “… ok… good.”

Jian Yao quickly pulls his sleeves to ask him to shut up.  The others just smile.


A wise woman anticipates conflicts and takes steps to defuse the situation before it becomes a problem.  While Jian Yao was still in the US, she has made several phone calls home to talk the matter over with her mom and her sister.  

Even though mom is not keen for Jian Yao to find a man that works with law and order, she can tell from the conversations that her daughter loves this man.  She knows that Jian Yao is very stubborn when it comes to love and will not abandon this relationship easily.  Besides, Jian Yao assured her over and over again that Bo Jinyan’s arch enemy is dead, and they are no longer in any sort of danger.  At the end of the day, Jian Yao’s mom just wants her daughter to be happy.  She also feels that perhaps it is fate that brought those two together.  So, after some persuasion, she agreed.  

That night, Fu Ziyu and Anam return to their homes in B City.  Jian Yao’s family, Bo Jinyan and Li Xunran take another flight back to Tung city.

Once they are back in their hometown, Bo Jinyan suddenly remembers Jian Yao has to go home with her mother and sister tonight.  

Bo Jinyan uses his brain a lot for his line of work.  Both the quality and quantity of sleep is very important to him.  His usual ‘straight as a log’ sleep posture has long been replaced by ‘cuddling Jian Yao’ sleep posture.  He is not enthused at all to have to spend the entire new year holiday sleeping by himself.  But he understands Jian Yao has to go home.  

Jian Yao doesn’t think too much about this issue.  She smiles at him and says: “See you tomorrow.”

Bo Jinyan answers: “No, I am not used to sleeping by myself anymore.  I am sure you feel the same way.  So I can go to your house.”  Then he turns around to say to Jian Yao’s mom: “Auntie, let’s go.”

All three ladies are stunned.  Jian Yao blushes.

Even though Jian Yao’s mom suspects they might be already living together in B City, it’s still inappropriate as they are not married yet.  She makes a little cough, and looks at Jian Yao.  Jian Yao blushes even more.  She says to mom: “Mom, why don’t you and Jian Xuan start walking first. I’ll catch up with you soon.  I will have a quick word with him.”  

Jian Xuan gives a little laugh and pulls mom’s hand to start walking.  Jian Yao gives Bo Jinyan a disapproving glance: “Be careful of what you say in front of my mom!”  

That night, Bo Jinyan reluctantly returns to his own house.  When Jian Yao gets home, her mother asks: “The two of you are… living together… for a while now.  Are you planning to get married?”

Jian Yao blushes: “Perhaps in a couple of years.”

She is only 24 years old.  She is not in a hurry to get married.  Besides, as long as they are together, it doesn't matter when they go through the ceremony.

When they were in the US, one of the FBI agents asked the same question.  Bo Jinyan said at the time: “Soon, I’m planning it now.”  

Not long after they began their relationship, Bo Jinyan went ahead and ordered the wedding ring and started making plans for the wedding.  But because he is such a particular and fussy man, it will probably take him a long time to get the preparations done.   So, another two years… that sounds about right.  


On New Years Eve, Bo Jinyan is invited to Jian Yao’s mother and stepfather’s house for lunch. Given Bo Jinyan’s arrogant personality, there’s not much conversation between him and the other family members. However, he is a talented and attractive man, and Jian Yao is there to help smooth any rough patches.  So, overall, it is a pleasant meal.  

After lunch, Jian Yao walks him to the door.  He refuses to go.  He looks her in the eye: “Are you coming to my house tonight?”

Jian Yao blushes, and nods her head.

How can she leave him to spend New Year Eve by himself, alone in that big and empty house?

They go back to the villa together.  Naturally, they head to the bedroom straight away.  As everything is behind them now, and there are no cases that’s bothering Bo Jinyan at the moment, he throughly enjoys the time with her.  Around 4pm, Jian Yao feels like she’s been in a fight and all her bones are aching.  Bo Jinyan, though, maintains a satisfied smile throughout, and mutters: “What a  beautiful New Year’s Eve!”

Jian Yao throws a pillow at him: “It’s not even night time yet!” 

Bo Jinyan looks at her with a smile: “Let’s go fishing.” 

Jian Yao can’t help by laugh.  But then she thinks about the many Christmases and New Years he spent alone, she just wants to satisfy all his wishes.  Now that he is satisfied…. in that area, it is natural that he wants to satisfy his hunger too.

“Sure.” Jian Yao sits up in the bed: “But it’s quite cold today, I am not sure if we can catch anything.”

He replies slowly: “I am sure we will catch something.”

After they settle at a spot and cast out the fishing line, Bo Jinyan excuses himself: “I’m going for a walk.”

Jian Yao didn’t think too much about it.  She is well aware that he has no patience for fishing. 

She hears his footsteps getting further and further away.  She enjoys the peace and quiet. The long rays of the sunset settles on the surface of the water, The buoys lie quietly on the water.  She feels contented and peaceful.  

But as she has predicted.  There’s not much fish today.  She’s been there for hours, but she only manages to catch two small fish.  As the night falls, the temperature drops.  A long silver moon is hanging in the blue sky.  Jian Yao hears footsteps from behind her.  She knows it’s Bo Jinyan coming back.   She doesn't turn back, and says to him: “Time to go.  Let’s go back and watch the Spring Festival Gala .”  

(Note from TB: The Spring Festival Gala is a variety show, featuring musical, dance, comedy, and drama performances etc. It is a ritual for many Chinese families to gather in front of the TV to watch it together after their reunion dinner.)

Watching the Spring Festival Gala together is like achieving a milestone with him.   He used to be so against doing ‘festive stuff’ together.  

“Jian Yao.”  He is standing behind her.  

A very gentle but formal tone.  She is slightly surprised.  She puts down the fishing rod and turns around.  It’s a scene she doesn't expect to see.

Under the moonlight, Bo Jinyan is standing about five steps away from her.  He’s changed into a black suit.  He’s even put a bright coloured tie on.  He looks strikingly handsome.  

He is holding a bunch of red roses in his hand.  His eyes are fixed on her face.  

Jian Yao’s heart starts to pound.  He looks at her with a faint smile.  

And in between them, a big tortoise is moving slowly. Yes, it’s Chen Mo.  On his back, there is a black velvet box.  Jian Yao can see a large sparkly diamond ring inside the box.  

Bo Jinyan follows behind Chen Mo.  They are slowly walking towards her.  

But after a couple of steps, Chen Mo stops.  He scans with his little eyes the tiny hump that is ahead of him.  He tries to go over it but his limps are too short.  After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, he decides to give up.  He hides his limbs and head back into the shell. 

Bo Jinyan frowns.  He lifts his leg and gently pushes Chen Mo up past the hump.  Then he gives him a little kick.  It’s a command - keep crawling!!  

Even though his actions are gentle, Jian Yao feels a little sorry for the poor tortoise.  She rushes up and picks up Chen Mo.  She complains to Bo Jinyan: “Why did you kick him?”

Bo Jinyan stands in front of her.  He does not say a word.  Jian Yao feels a little uneasy with his gaze, she lowers her head, and looks at Chen Mo and the ring. 

Against the beautiful backdrop of moonlit river, and  the lush meadows around them, Jian Yao feels like she is transported into a different realm, where all she can feel is his unrelenting and tender love for her.  

“Marry me, Jian Yao.”

Marry me, my lovely Jian Yao.

The love of my life.  The woman who touched my heart.  

I was once so lonely, drifting through life, all by myself. 

Until I met you. 

Tender-hearted.  Beautiful.  Exceptional.  

Words alone cannot convey my feelings for you.  If I have to summarise it, this is it - I love you, with all my wisdom, and with all that is in me.  And I will continue to love you for the rest of my life.  

(The end)


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