Fu Ziyu 1

Fu Ziyu (Part 1)

I just want to be with you.  Day after day.  Month after month.  Year after year.  To be by your side.  

This is my dream from young.  

I just want to be with you.  We will grow old together.  You and I.  We shall never, never apart.  


Maryland University.  

It’s mid-August.  The university library is the favourite hangout for nerds to hide from the hot summer sun. 

Fu Ziyu don’t admit he is a nerd.  But this top student from Medical School loves hanging out at the university library.  Today, he wants to borrow the new book by the winner of this year’s Nobel prize winner for Medicine.  

It’s a popular book.  He is not the only person looking for it.  He finds a few of his fellow classmates at the bookshelf where the book is usually kept.  He smiles and greets them: “Hi.  Are you looking for the book too?”

Even though it’s his first year in his post grad studies, he is a well regarded student.  This is because he seems to have virtually all the qualities you want in a man.  He is tall, handsome, academically smart, and comes from a good family background.  Despite all that, there is not a hint of arrogance in him. He is a very good natured person.   

Everyone loves him.  Amongst all the Asian students, he is the elegant and perfect prince.  As for that guy Bo Jinyan from the Criminal Psychology Department? Oh my gosh! Ok, it might be a little mean to call him the cold devil.  But he is definitely an unusual and strange character.   

And at this moment, Fu Ziyu’s classmates are looking at this ‘cool devil’.  One of them says: “We found the book.  But it’s been borrowed… by the library overlord - Simon Bo.”  

Every social circle has a hierarchy.  Bo Jinyan is no doubt the overlord of the library. His arrogance, plus the fact that he is a consultant for the FBI means no one wants to mess with him.  

Bo Jinyan has about twenty books stacked in front of him.  The book that the medical school students are after is one of them.  

Fu Ziyu has been nominated as the representative to negotiate with Bo Jinyan.  Their reason is that they are both Chinese and it should be easier for Fu Ziyu to strike up a conversation with him.  And given Fu Ziyu’s reputation in the university, it will be hard for Bo Jinyan to refuse his request.

Fu Ziyu has heard a lot about Bo Jinyan but it’s the first time he sees him in person. And it’s the first time he realises how childish Bo Jinyan can be.  

No one can finish 20 books in one afternoon.  But he took many of the most sought after and popular titles and hoards them in his ‘territory’.  This is like a kindergarten bully keeping all the toys for himself and won’t let others play with it.  Obviously, this nineteen year old genius has a very low EQ.  

Fu Ziyu walks over and sits opposite him. He smiles and introduces himself: “Hi.  I am Fu Ziyu.”

He spoke in Chinese.  Bo Jinyan lifts his head and takes a glance at him.  But he has no expression on his face after he sees Fu Ziyu, it is as if he was he saw nothing.    Then he continues to read his book.   

Everyone is offended on Fu Ziyu’s behalf. How dare him?  Bo Jinyan is so rude.  But Fu Ziyu didn’t seem to mind.  He asks nicely: “If you are not reading this book today, can I borrow it?” 

Bo Jinyan doesn’t lift his head: “If I don’t intend to read it, why would I borrow it?  So that I can gather a crowd to observe me and talk behind my back?”  

Fu Ziyu is stunned.  

Because in the short time he sat down beside Bo Jinyan, he noticed that Bo Jinyan does read very quickly. The speed of how fast he turns a page is almost unbelievable.  At this speed, he will be able to finish 20 books in one sitting.  

Fu Ziyu stands up: “Sorry for interrupting you.”

Bo Jinyan continues to ignore him.

The others are a little disappointed to see him come back empty handed.  Fu Ziyu explains to them: “Actually, he is not hoarding all the books for no reason.  He does have the ability to read that many books in one afternoon.” He gives a self-depreciating laugh: “ Although it is a slight insult to our intelligence, we can’t blame him for being smart.”  

He said those words with his back to Bo Jinyan, therefore he didn’t notice that Bo Jinyan lifted his head to look at him for a while.

The medical students walk towards the exit.  Before Fu Ziyu walks out, he turns to look at Bo Jinyan again.  

Bo Jinyan is a strange and aloof guy.  But somehow, Fu Ziyu doesn’t find him annoying.  


A quiet and peaceful night in Maryland City. 

Han Yumeng is wearing a strapless blue dress, with her hair tied up in a bun.  She is standing on the balcony of her room.  She does not seem to be feeling cold from the cold breezes that comes her way.  

After standing there for about ten minutes, she sees a familiar Lexus coming up the driveway. 

“Kris!” She waves her arms and lifts up the hem of her dress and starts to run down the stairs.  She meets her brother on the way, who makes fun of her: “Hey hey… be a little more ladylike please.  You only have eyes for Kris nowadays.”  

Han Yumeng laughs.  She thinks to herself: Actually, it’s not only ‘nowadays’.  Brother, since a long time ago, my eyes and my heart only have room for him.

Han Yumeng’s parents are sitting in the lounge having a cup of tea.  Just as Han Yumeng reaches the entrance, she sees the servant opening the door for Kris.

He is wearing a white shirt, and a causal suit.  He is as handsome as the first day she met him.

Kris is twenty years old.  Han Yumeng is seventeen this year.  

“Thank you for accompanying me to the party.”  She is very ladylike in front of her parents.  She acts more mature than her actual age.  Well… at least when she is in front of her parents, she does.

Kris greets her parents.  The two families have known each other for a long time.  Han Yumeng’s parents are very satisfied with their daughter’s choice of companion: “Don’t stay out too late. And take care. ”  


Once they get into the car,  Han Yumeng throws her bag to the backseat.  She puts her hand around his neck and starts kissing him.  Kris decides to stop the car on the roadside and concentrate on the kiss.  He misses her too.  He scoops her into his arms and deepens the kiss.  

Most of the time, their kiss is initiated by Han Yumeng, but then, Kris will take over.  Even though he is usually a warm and gentle gentleman, his kiss can be passionate and forceful. 

He is in his second year of university, and she is in her last year of high school.  It’s been almost a week since they saw each other.  She can feel his repressed desires.  

The sky is so dark it’s like the god has painted it with a black ink.  Stars sparkles in the horizon.  Han Yumeng is lying underneath him.  

“…Ziyu… Ziyu.”  She likes to murmur his Chinese name when she is catching her breath after a long passionate kiss.  And hearing her call his name always makes him smiles deeper.  

“Would you like to come to my house?” He invites her.  

After he started attending university, he moved out to stay by himself in an apartment close to the university.  Han Yumeng pokes his cheek with her finger: “We are supposed to go to a party.” 

“We’ll only be two hours late.”  He says.

Actually, he is no intention of going anymore.


They started kissing while they were in still in the carpark.  When they arrive Fu Ziyu’s apartment, Han Yumeng is hanging onto him a like a koala bear.  

Once they enter the apartment, he pushes her against the wall, and lifts up her dress.  She is sufficiently aroused with all the kissing in the car.  She is ready for him.  He kisses her gently while he thrusts himself forcefully inside her.

Han Yumeng blushes.  She is slightly taken back by how wild he is aggressive he is.  

But, after all, he is a young man who has just experienced sex for the first time not too long ago. It was during the last days of the summer holidays.  Then school started.  He misses her greatly.  

Han Yumeng’s hairdo is all messed up.  Her dress is still on her.  But it’s been pushes up to her waist.  The fabric is crinkled.   Her beautiful long white legs are wrapped around his waist.  He is lifting her up by grabbing her buttocks with both his hands.  Her body moves in the same rhythm with him as he moves backwards and forwards.  

What’s going through Fu Ziyu’s mind at the time?

This seventeen year old girl belongs to him.  This is his first love.  His only love.  He wants to be buried inside her forever.  He just wants to feel her close to him.  Nothing else is as important as her.  He wants to be with her forever.  

The two hours dragged on until it’s time to send her home. Kris reluctantly gets out of her.  But he still has her in his arms.  Han Yumeng loves this moment.  When his eyes shows he much he is not willing to let go.  How much he longs for her.  How much he desires her. 

“I have decided.” She whispers into his ear: “Next year, I am going to apply for medical school in Maryland University.” 

He lifts his head from her bosom, and looks into her eyes: “I want to propose to you right now.” He says with a smile.  

Han Yumeng rests in his arms with a sweet smile.

Kris.  Kris.  My Ziyu.

I love you so much.  

I just want to spend every moment of my life with you.


The second time Fu Ziyu meets Bo Jinyan is in the University Medical Centre.

He is the top student in medical school.  Naturally, his internship starts earlier than most students.  

The nurse knocks on his office door: “Kris, Doctor Jim is not back from lunch yet.  We have a patient here with a small problem.  Can you handle the case?”

“What’s the problem?”

“There’s a fish bone stuck in his throat.” 

“Ok.  Ask him to come into the office.”  He walks over to the cabinet to take out some tools.  When he turns around, he takes the file the nurse passes him.  

Simon Bo Jinyan.

Fu Ziyu laughs.  The last time he had to perform the same procedure, it was for a seven year old boy. 

Bo Jinyan is in a bad mood today.  The prison has rejected his request for an interview with a notorious serial killer.  Then when he was reading through the file materials, he accidentally swallowed a fish bone, which got stuck in his throat.  The large glass of vinegar he drank after that didn’t help at all.  

Once he walks into the doctor’s office.  He sees a young man behind the desk.  Like him, the doctor has black hair.  Behind his face mask, Bo Jinyan can see a pair of warm and bright eyes.  

Bo Jinyan recognises him straight away.  But he says nothing.

It’s a simple procedure. Fu Ziyu takes up a pair of tweezer and takes out the bone.  Then he sees a smile on Bo Jinyan’s face.  

“Thank you.” says Bo Jinyan.  He stands up and starts to walk towards the door: “If there are complications because the procedure was done by a student, would the medical centre take full responsibility?”

Fu Ziyu is dumbfounded.  That is an insult to his abilities.   Okay, it is not normal procedure for students to make diagnosis and provide treatment.  It is understandable that patients can be concerned about their experience and abilities.  But for goodness sakes. We are talking about a tiny fishbone.  How can there possibly be complications?

Fu Ziyu thinks for a while, then he says: “Of course.  Should there be any problems, I will take full responsibility.  I will include that in the medical file.” 
Bo Jinyan seems to be satisfied with the answer. He nods and starts walking again.  Then he hear Fu Ziyu voice: “And since you are concerned about complications, my medical advise is: stay away from fish for a month to avoid another accident. If the small wound in your throat gets wounded again, it might cause an infection.”

Bo Jinyan looks at him with doubt and uncertainty: “One month?”

Fu Ziyu answers with a sincere voice: “One month.”


Life can be so unpredictable.  One month ago, Fu Ziyu only knew him by name.  They have never met in person, despite the fact that both of them have been studying in the same university for a few years.  But since the day they met at the library, Fu Ziyu seems to bump into Bo Jinyan all the time.  

Today, Fu Ziyu is at the university canteen. He is there with his group of friends. He notices Bo Jinyan is sitting at a corner table, all by himself. 

Fu Ziyu looks at what Bo Jinyan is doing.  Fu Ziyu can’t help but laugh. 

This 20 years old young man who is famous in US for being a young consultant for the FBI , this criminal psychology genius, is busy deboning a fish.  He has a fork in his hand, and a knife in the other hand.  There is a pair of chopsticks on the table too. He is so focused on his task, carefully taking out all the bones from the fish.  

He’s obviously spent a lot of time on this.  Fu Ziyu suddenly feels a little guilty that he played a joke on him. 

To a lot of people’s surprise, Fu Ziyu sits down next to Bo Jinyan.  He smiles at Bo Jinyan: “Hi.  Can I sit here?”

“I don’t like having people next to me when I am eating.”  

“Oh.” Fu Ziyu answers causally, but he doesn’t move.  He starts to eat his meal.  


Han Yumeng first met Fu Ziyu when she was five.  That year, he was eight years old.  He is her neighbour. 

Then for the next ten years,  they are best friends.  

But they are not a couple.  He is not her boyfriend.  She secretly admires him.  Even from a young age, she knew she couldn’t love anyone else but him.  

Soon, she is sixteen.  That year, he started his first year of university studies.  

The best word used to describe their relationship is ‘ambiguous'.  For every ball or party they go together, he is always her partner.  He will wrap his arm around her waist, then watches her beautiful face under the lights, and responds to her smiles with his warm smiles.   

Their faces are only inches away from each other.  If he reaches down just a little bit further, their lips will touch.  

She senses that there is passion in his eyes.  She is sure of it.  

However, it seems the two of them have a certain understanding.  They don’t talk about their relationship.  They hover between the boundaries of friends and lovers.  Neither one of them is willing to take the first step.  

Han Yumeng knows what he is afraid of.  Because it is the same concern as what she has.   What if their relationship don’t work out? They will end up losing their friendship too.  

She doesn’t want to lose him.  And neither does he.  So they decide not to confront the issue.  

Until… her sixteenth birthday. 

The perfect prince Fu Ziyu has a partner.  A beautiful and sexy blond. They become the centre of attention the moment they walk in. 

She is devastated.  It’s a lovely night and a great party. But Han Yumeng thinks this is the worst party ever.  She can’t stand the sight of the two of them together.  She wants to ask them to leave straight away.

To drown her sorrows, she takes drinks after drinks…. champagne, cocktails, vodka shots… 

When a person is drunk, he or she is usually more bold.  Suddenly, Han Yumeng doesn't want to suppress her feelings for him anymore.  She wants him to know that she loves him.

She walks towards the swimming pool as she thinks about this.  It’s much more quiet here.  The reflection of the moon floats on the water.  It is a huge contrast to the noisy and crowded house.  

She sits on a bench and enjoys the cool breezes that go past her face. 

Then she notices someone approaches her.  He sits down beside her.

It’s a boy from her class.   He is the ideal boyfriend for most of her female classmates.  He is tall, handsome, with blond hair and blue eyes. 

“Hi, Joe.”  Says the handsome young man: “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”  

Han Yumeng stares at him.  She doesn’t answer.  

The boy leans forwards to kiss her.  Han Yumeng closes her eyes.  She doesn’t want to be alone tonight…

Suddenly, she hears footsteps coming towards them.  She opens her eyes.  The boy that’s sitting next to her is pushed off the bench….

…by Kris.  

“What are you doing?”  The young man asks angrily.

“And what are you doing?” Fu Ziyu looks even more angry than him.

They start to fight. Fu Ziyu is a few years older than this young boy, but he is usually a gentle and placid guy.  This young man, however, is a top basketball player.  Soon, Fu Ziyu has bruises and swells on his face.  

Han Yumeng hurries up to separate them.  She grabs Fu Ziyu’s hand and drags him back into the house.  They walk past groups of astonished people, and go upstairs into her room.  

Once they get into the room, she feels a hand around her waist.  He pushes her against the wall.  They stare at one another.  Without saying a word, they wrap their arms around each other. She feels their passion surge, like fire that spreads without control.  Nothing can stop them anymore.  

After a long kiss, he carries her in his arms, and sits in the balcony.  A line of trees block the other’s from looking into the balcony.   Han Yumeng’s brother knocks on the door.  They can hear him yell from the outside: “Kris!  What are you doing to Joe?  I’ll kill you if you dare to do anything to my sister…” 

They ignore his yelling.  They kiss and kiss… until all the guests have left.  At midnight, he whispers into her eye: “Happy birthday, my princess.”

Han Yumeng is overjoyed.  But she is also a little worried.  She hooks her hand around his neck and asks: “Are you sure?”

Are you sure you want me to be your girlfriend?  

“I am sure.” He knows what is in her mind: “Don’t be angry.  That woman is my mother’s colleague’s daughter.  She insists I have to bring her here tonight - I don’t even remember her name.  The truth is, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.  I want to tell you I love you on your sixteenth birthday.”

  • Sorry for the long wait, my princess.  I know what you are afraid of.   A lot of people cannot keep their promises that they made when they were eighteen years old.  But I am confident.  Because I have been in love with you for a long time.  My lovely Yumeng.  I promise you, that I will never stop loving you.  Our relationship will be a successful one.  


When Bo Jinyan and Fu Ziyu became inseparable, it shocked the whole Maryland University.

But to be exactly, their friendship is somewhat different from normal friendship.  To put it simply, Fu Ziyu is more like Bo Jinyan’s personal assistant.  

He becomes Bo Jinyan’s dedicated doctor.  They have lunch together everyday.  They hang out in the library.  Fu Ziyu helps him to choose his assistants, helps him to deal with the complicated relationships within the FBI… then later, even Bo Jinyan’s clothes are chosen and bought by Fu Ziyu.  He runs around like a servant for Bo Jinyan, and Bo Jinyan accepts and enjoys his service without any guilt or feeling uncomfortable. 

And as one would expect, two superior Chinese students that spend  most of their time together will attract some rumours of them being a homosexual couple.  Fu Ziyu just laughs at the rumours.  He is not even a least bit bothered by them: “Of course not, we are like brothers…”  As for Bo Jinyan, he does not care what others say about him.  In fact, there was someone who asked him if he was gay, to which he replies: “Actually,  Kris and I, we do act like a couple… except we don’t have a sexual relationship.”   

However, this comment is interpreted as…

“Simon is complaining that Kris refuses to sleep with him.”

But soon, this rumour stops.  Fu Ziyu has found himself a girlfriend.  

A freshman.  She is also an Asian.  A beautiful girl that is very gentle and nice.  Everyone is envious of Fu Ziyu.

Fu Ziyu treats her well,  He is a caring boyfriend that attends to her every need.  Bo Jinyan does not like her very much though.  He usually excludes her in their gatherings.

Two years later, Fu Ziyu and his girlfriend breaks up.  Fu Ziyu is surprised: “Is there anything I could have done better?  Or have you met someone else?”

He doesn’t mind letting go, he just wants to know the reason why he is dumped.

The girl answers: “Kris.  You are a very nice man.  I have never met anyone who treated me so well.  But we both know.  There is a hole in your heart.  No one can fill it. So I need to leave.”

Fu Ziyu thinks about what she says.  He cannot disagree.

Actually, it’s not only the students that are curious about Bo Jinyan and Fu Ziyu’s friendship, their supervising professor discussed about the issue too.  The head of medical school asks the criminal psychology professor: “I have heard a lot about how aloof Simon is.  How did Kris manage to become his only friend?    Is it because Kris is so easy going and friendly that even Bo Jinyan can't refuse him?

The professor shakes his head: “Do you remember what happened to Kris last year?  I think the truth is that, it is not Simon who needs Kris.  It’s the other way around.  Kris needs Simon.  Simon is aware of this too, and that’s why he has allowed Kris to be his friend.”


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