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Title - Love Me If You Dare (English title for the TV series.)  
The literal translation for 他来了,请闭眼 is actually "He is here. Close your eyes." 

Author - Ding Mo

Note from TB

Hi, everyone!  

I don't own the copyright.  This is just a fan translation. You can probably tell by the quality of the writing :)  If you spot any mistakes, leave me a note and I will amend it.   I do not own any of the rights to any of the characters, names or images.   I started translating the story for a good friend of mine.  Nothing commercial about this project.  Just a favour for a friend.  I thought I might as well share it in a blog.  Enjoy.  

I am starting from chapter 4.   Here's the link to first 3 chapters, by Ruby from Dream Avenue.  No point recreating the wheel when it's already available :)  


  1. Wow, I know a lot of us really appreciate your kindness in sharing such an awesome book with us! Many might think about it without actually writing to let you know, so on behalf of those people and myself, THANK YOU!! :)

  2. can you upload faster? i can't waittt >.<

  3. Thank you,This book is amazingly good.
    I just recently began getting into Chinese novels when some one translated "The Journey of Flower"I would have never found this venue if it was not for that.
    Now I am totally hooked.I want to say Thank you.It is very much appreciated.To beable to read these great stories that would had been lost to me becuase I only read and speak english.

  4. Hi, I'm here to read! Thank you for posting it!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I searched everywhere to read this novel! From what I see you're doing an amazing job. Keep going! :)

  6. How many chapters are there in this book?

  7. Thank you very much for sharing. And Lacey is right: many appreciate what you are doing without actually writing to let you know.
    Greetings from Belgium.

  8. How can i get an English-language edition?
    I really want a physical copy. T^T

  9. I recently finished watching the drama and I loved it! While I'm certain the drama is different than the novel I think I will enjoy reading it. I'm so glad you translated it because otherwise I would not be able to read it!

  10. Is this in book form (translated in English) anywhere I have trouble reading long text on the computer....Thanks to anyone

  11. Hey ! I'm curios about the author . I didn't see a website or Wikipedia with information about Ding Mo or if will publishing another book. I'm little curios about him .

    1. Ding Mo has written at least 10 novels. Click here to find fan translations for some of her other novels.