Fu Ziyu 2

Fu Ziyu - Part 2

The scorching sun is baking the dry ground that is already covered with cracks.  There is no breeze, only hot and dry air that easily dehydrates the body.  

Han Yumeng is carrying a few bottles of water and some candy.  She walks towards a white tent.  She sees Fu Ziyu from a distance.  He is measuring the blood pressure for a native african man.  There are a few kids playing in the tent too.  They are very skinny and dressed in rags. But their eyes are big and bright.  

“Kris.” She walks behind him. When the kids see Han Yumeng, they gather around her.

“Joe is here!  Hello Joe!”

The children are very fond of her.  She is delighted to see them too.  She sits on the floor, opens her backpack and distributes the water and candy to them.  They cheer excitedly.  She looks up and meets Fu Ziyu’s warm and gentle gaze.

This is their 43rd day of doing voluntary work in Africa.  She was overwhelmed by the poverty and hopelessness of the place when she first arrived.  She has never seen a place like this in her life.  This is Fu Ziyu’s fifth visit to this part of the world.  His first visit was when he was sixteen years old.

Someone once said: If you love someone, he or she may change your life.

What if you fall in love with a selfless and great man?  

Han Yumeng believes she has changed for the better because of him.

At sunset, they sit down under a tree in a quiet spot, away from the crowd.  They have left the tents of the Médecins Sans Frontières.  The humanitarian-aid organisation’s tents are white in colour, which symbolises hope and healing.  Han Yumeng looks at the magnificent view in front of her.  Not far from where they sit is a steep cliff, then a big and deep canyon.  In front of nature, humans always seem so small and insignificant.  But because of Fu Ziyu, Han Yumeng feels her life is meaningful and complete.  

She loves everything that has to do with him.   Fu Ziyu has introduced her to a world beyond her normal life and experiences.  

“A penny for your thoughts.” Fu Ziyu looks at his girlfriend.  She seems pensive.  He leans closer and kisses her.  Han Yumeng wraps her arms around his neck.  They lie quietly together.  Their body cast a long shadow on the crimson ground they are sitting on.

- His favourite place for sex is traditional - the bed.  But they have done it on a misty morning in the balcony of a villa in the forrest, in a tent in the middle of a desert, and even at the backseat of his Lexus….  She feels that she is very blessed, because she understands her lover.  

- They will live happily ever after like those fairytales.  Nothing can change that.  

What about Fu Ziyu.  What is he thinking of at this time?

He thought that she would not get used to working in Africa.  She is a rich kid from America.  Even though she has been well brought up, she will not be used to the hardship associated with voluntary work in this challenging part of the world.  But she is able keep pace with him.  She showed him that she is more capable than he thinks.  

‘I will propose to her when she graduates.”  He thinks to himself.  It’s too young for her to get marred at the moment.  But it’s such a long wait.  It’s another four years.    Perhaps they should get engaged first.

He loves her, more than he loves himself.  He wants to marry her and bring her home, so that he can treasure her for the rest of his life.  


Each time Bo Jinyan helps the FBI solve a case, his reputation grows.  More and more FBI seek his assistance.  The number of cases that he is involved in increases every year.  

The first injury Bo Jinyan had while helping to solve a case was from a bullet wound. Fortunately, it is not serious.  The suspect who was trying to escape opened fire on the FBI.  A bullet grazed his arm.  He didn’t want to be treated by the FBI medic staff.  He went to Fu Ziyu instead.

Fu Ziyu looks at his blood soaked sleeve and frowns: “ You said previously you are only responsible for the analytical work, you don’t get involved with the physical stuff.  How did you get hurt so badly?”

Bo Jinyan looks at him faintly and says: “Well, am I supposed to hide and do nothing and watch the suspect run past me?” 

Fu Ziyu gives a helpless laugh - This guy always makes it sound so convincing.  Actually, he has already heard from his FBI friends.  He was injured because he was not agile enough.  He might be a gifted intellectual, but his fitness level and reflexes does not meet the standard required for an officer. 

After Fu Ziyu bandaged his wound, Bo Jinyan gets out of bed.  He takes a look at the bandage and complains to his friend: “Looks ugly.”  

Fu Ziyu pays no heed to Bo Jinyan’s comment.  He is on the phone with his girlfriend.  She wants to have dinner with him.  

When he hangs up, he asks Bo Jinyan: “Would you like to come along?  It’s Linda.”

As expected, Bo Jinyan shakes his head: “Not interested.”

Fu Ziyu’s ‘motherly’ instincts kicks in.  He asks Bo Jinyan: “What are you having for dinner tonight?”

Bo Jinyan puts on his jacket and answers faintly: “The suspect is injured.  He is having an operation at the moment.  I have to rush to the hospital.”

Fu Ziyu was putting his tools back into the medical kit as Bo Jinyan said that.  When Fu Ziyu heard what he said, he suddenly paused what he was doing.  But he continued to finish what he was doing.  However, this moment of distraction did not escape Bo Jinyan’s eyes.  Bo Jinyan looks calmly at him, then he leaves the room.

That night, Fu Ziyu seems preoccupied while having dinner with his girlfriend.  She asks: “Is there something bothering you?”  

Fu Ziyu smiles: “No, just thinking of something that happened a long time ago.  Sorry, I am not my usual self today.  After dinner, I will send you home.”

His girlfriend looks at his bright smile.  She wants to say something, but in the end, she decides to keep quiet.  

Someone told her once, that this man has a hole in his heart.  If you listen carefully, you will hear the echo that bounces around in that empty space.  

He will treat you very well, but you will never enter his heart.  


The day Bo Jinyan was captured by the Flower Cannibal, it was a nice sunny day just like any other.  

It was just another ordinary day.  He went to work in the morning.  After work, he went to Bo Jinyan’s favourite Japanese restaurant to order some takeaway for him, while asking himself why he allows himself to live like a nanny.  

When Bo Jinyan’s assistant called, Fu Ziyu broke out in a cold sweat. 

A chill that is like water that slowly and quietly creeping up his back made his body shake.  “Simon is missing,” said the desperate assistant. “ The FBI think his is captured by the Flower Cannibal.”  Fu Ziyu was walking when the assistant called.  After the phone conversation, he looked around.  He was not sure where he is.  He was walking randomly while talking on the phone.  

This was a familiar feeling.  It happened before.  Many years ago.  But again, it feels like it only occurred yesterday.

In the same way, on an ordinary day, he received an unexpected phone call that told him Han Yumeng had gone missing.  

He thought he would never lose her.  But only three days after the phone call, he lost her forever.  


Han Yumeng doesn’t know the identity of the man who wears the clown mask.  The man who captured her and five other girls.  They are locked up in a cage.  All of them are terrified.  Each one of them hoping they will not be the next victim under the axe.

The first victim the masked killer ‘executed’ is a fifteen year old girl.  The pool of blood, the broken bones lies in front of the cage....  and strangely, the killer seems tired and confused.   He stood in the pool of blood for a long time.  Everyone was quiet.  Nobody wanted to draw attention to themselves.  They didn't even dare to cry.

After a couple of days, he kills another two girls.  Those who remain are petrified.  The physical and psychological stress is too much for them.  Han Yumeng tries hard not to think about the situation.  What will she do if she is next to be killed?

But that day is not far away.  

The masked killer is agitated.  He is watching the news.  With the help of a young criminal psychologist genius, the FBI is able to profile the masked killer.  They have announced a massive manhunt.  Han Yumeng has a feeling that the police will be able to find this place today. 

Darkness before dawn is the darkest time of the day.  

That night, he is surprisingly calm.  He walks up to the cage and to announce their fate.  

“I am going to sail out to the sea,” he says gently to them: “I will not die under the bullets of the police.  As for you… I will give you a choice.”

They listen intently.  But his options are cruel: “I will let three of you go, and bring one of you with me onto the boat.  This person will die with me in the sea.  But if no one is willing to come with me, I will have to kill all four of you before I leave.”

In the last nineteen years, Han Yumeng has never been so torn.  She has never felt so much pain, and surrounded by so such hopelessness. All the girls keep quiet.  The eyes are full of fear and avoidance.  After a short silence, she lifts up her head and looks at the killer: “I will go with you.”
There is relieve and guilt in the eyes of the other girls.  

He laughs: “Why?  Why sacrifice yourself?”

Han Yumeng doesn't know how to answer him.


Because… because of her boyfriend.  The person she loves is someone who helps and saves lives.  He devotes his life and energy for this cause.  Therefore, she has to have the same compassionate heart.  Because she loves him, more than she loves herself.  

The masked killer takes her out of the cage, and brings her to a different room.  There is a telephone on the table.  She can see a joy that is in his eyes.  Watching her suffer makes him happy.  

“You can call him.” He says. “I am very fair.  You have the chance to give the man you love  your last words.    When we are gone, he will receive this recorded message.”

She picks up the phone with her trembling hands.  In all hopelessness, at least she can leave him a last message.  She is grateful that at least she is able to have this last ‘gift’.  Tears streams down her cheeks as she thinks about what  she wants to say.


“Masked killer case” happened in 2007, in Maryland. One night, Bo Jinyan, who was then a student at Maryland University, was watching the evening news on the reports on the masked killer.  At the time, his abilities were still unknown to the public. He sent a letter to the FBI, giving them an accurate profile of the masked killer.  Based on the information he provided, the FBI successfully solved the case.  When they rushed to the house that was by the sea, they found the three survivors and the bodies of three other victims. But the killer and Han Yumeng was not where to be seen.  The marines searched the area and found some wreckage of a boat that they think belonged to the killer.  Based on the weather report and the conditions of the wreckage, they ruled that the killer and Han Yumeng died in a storm.  

As more evidence and information surfaced from the investigations, the FBI finally understood why the killer kidnapped those girls.

His fiancee was seriously injured by a robber three years ago.  He shot the robber out of self defence.  Both the robber and his fiancee were sent to the hospital.  In the end, the robber lived, but his fiancee died.

All the girls he killed were family members of the medical team that helped saved the robber.  The other four girls had no direct connection with the medical team, but  they are partners or daughters of doctors from the same hospital.   And one of those girls was the girlfriend of the most outstanding young doctor in the hospital - Fu Ziyu. 

A doctor’s mission is to save lives.  But why did they save that bastard?  He did not understand, nor would he allow it.   If they were willing to save the undeserving criminals; if they believed that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to live; then he would take away those whom they love the most.  Then they can feel with their heart how wrong this ‘right’ is.  


Six months later, Bo Jinyan was rescued by the FBI.  He was in the operation room for four days.  Fu Ziyu waited in the hospital for four days. 

But he left briefly on the third night.  He left the hospital to drive to Han Yumeng’s grave.

He stood in front of her grave for a long time.  Then before he left, he said one sentence: “Joe, if you are looking down from heaven, please let Simon live.”

When he returned to the hospital, it was dawn.  Bo Jinyan’s operation was finally over.  Fu Ziyu looked at his best friend.  He looks like a dried up and shrivelled tree.   His face was pale, and he lied motionless, almost like a corpse on the bed.  Nobody knew when he would wake up, or if he would even wake up at all.  Fu Ziyu stood by his bed for a while, then he took down his necklace, opened Bo Jinyan’s right palm, put the necklace in his hand and closed his hand into a fist.  

When Bo Jinyan woke up, it was in the middle of the night. He saw Yin Ziqi leaning on his bed.  Then he saw his father, who was dozing off in the sofa.  Fu Ziyu is also in the room.  He was standing by the window, looking at the bright moon.  He seems to be deep in thought.  

“…” Bo Jinyan let out a small moan.  Almost simultaneously, all three of them lifted their heads to look at him.  

Bo Jinyan tried to smile at them, but he couldn’t move his lips.  Yin Ziqi took his hand to hers, and tears of joy started to flow down her cheeks.  His father walked to the bed, he was crying too.  He quickly pressed the bell for the nurse to come.

Bo Jinyan felt that there is something in his hand.  He opened his palm and saw a familiar looking necklace.  He knew this necklace belongs to Fu Ziyu.  Inside the heart shaped pedant is a photograph of a couple.   The face of the woman is in his victims’ information files.  

Fu Ziyu stood next to his bed.  They looked at each other.  Fu Ziyu didn’t say anything.  He knelt down and held Bo Jinyan’s right hand.  Together, they hold the necklace in their hands.   



Promise me, that you will live a happy life, like you used to.  A person’s happiness is not measured by how long they live.  We will not be able to grow old together, but this does not mean our love will not last forever.  You are kind and honest.  There will be many years ahead of you.  You will be able to help a lot of people.  Ziyu, I wish you happiness.”


I once loved a woman.  She is perfect.  Like an angel. 

She represents my ideals and my dreams for love.  She witnessed all my passion and loyalty for love.  

When I lost her, I knew my life will never be complete again.  How can I expect God to give me another girl like her?

But I will live according to her wishes - a life of happiness.  And I will, with the best of my abilities, help as many people as I can.  This is my way of reciprocating the lavish love that she gave me.” 


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