Extra 4

Parenthood for Bo Jinyan

A few years after Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are married…

Jian Yao gives birth to their first child.

Bo Jinyan don’t like kids.  To him, ‘children’ equates to  trouble, noise, unable to communicate, and crawling around.  

Jian Yao on the other hand, is very fond of children.  She knows her husband lacks patience, so she is the primary care giver.  He just needs to spend a bit of time each day with her and the kids.  

But there are occasions when Bo Jinyan has to look after the child himself.  

For example, today.  

The nanny is taking a day off.  Jian Yao has to accompany her mom to the hospital for a check up.  Therefore, the task of looking after baby falls onto Bo Jinyan.

Before Jian Yao left, she made sure she did everything she can to make his life easier.  Baby is bathed and fed.  He needs to look after her for five hours. 

It’s a hot summer day. A lazy afternoon.  Bo Jinyan sits on the sofa to watch TV.  He seldom watches TV, but sometimes he watches investigation documentaries to keep up with what’s been happening in the country.    

As he is watching TV, his ten month old daughter crawls around on the carpet, while playing with toys.  She seems to be entertaining herself quite well and leaving Bo Jinyan alone.  He just needs to keep an eye out on her: “Not too bad.  She is quite independent. ” He thinks to himself.

But before long, he feels something warm over his foot.  He looks down.  Baby has crawled up to him and is hugging his leg.  

Bo Jinyan frowns and asks her: “What do you want?”

“Cuddle… cuddle…”

Bo Jinyan replies: “I don’t want cuddles.”


Bo Jinyan remembers what Jian Yao said before she left: “You have to be gentle with her!” So, he decides to compromise.

He picks her up and sits her next to himself on the sofa: “Don’t move, watch TV.”

Baby obliges and watch TV quietly besides daddy.

However, this new found peace does not last long.  Soon she is agitated again. She leans over to her father and asks piteously: “Milk, milk.”

“Sit here and wait.” He heads to the kitchen to get the milk bottle.  

Soon, milk is ready.  She giggles and reaches out her hands to try to grab the bottle. 

Bo Jinyan puts her on his lap and gently pushes the bottle teat into her mouth.  She drinks contently.  Bo Jinyan observes her while she drinks milk.  She is starting to look more and more like Jian Yao.

  • She is definitely more good looking now.   And her chubby fingers are so cute. 

Baby seems to sense the father’s soften emotions.  She stays in his arms and smiles at him.  He gently pinches her small cheeks, and rubs her round little shoulders. “Ok.  You can stay in this position for a while.” He thinks to himself.  

So, they continue to watch TV together.  

When Jian Yao returns, she finds the sitting room empty.  There is no one on the carpet or sofa.  The TV is switched off.  

She goes into the bedroom.  She laughs.

Both of them have fallen asleep.  

But… in a different way to what she normally sees.

Baby likes to curl up when she goes to bed.  But today, she is lying down in a straight line.  Obviously, her sleeping posture has been ‘corrected’.  

A tenderness comes across her.  She washes up, gets changed into her pyjamas and lies down next to Bo Jinyan. 

He wakes up when she gets into bed.  He curls his lips and immediately rolls himself above her.  


Bo Jinyan used to be very particular about his sleep posture.  But since he met Jian Yao, this good habit of his that he maintained for over 20 years disappeared.  Most of the time, he rolls himself and sleeps on top of Jian Yao, while hugging her tightly. 


When baby is about one and a half years old, she starts to speak more phrases.  

This particular day, she learns a new phrase - ‘Help! Save me!’  Because she doesn’t fully understand the meaning of the word, she often uses it out of context.  

For example:  When she is hungry, she will say:  “Help!  Save me!  I need to eat.”

And when she wants to play, she will say: “Help!  Save me!  Get out. Get out.”  

And when she is in the bathroom…

Jian Yao is trying to wash her hair.  Like many other young children, she doesn’t like the feeling of water splashing on her face.  She struggles as her mother bathes her.  

Bo Jinyan just happens to walk pass the bathroom.  

Baby immediately shouts out: “Help! Save me! Daddy.”

But Bo Jinyan stands at the door and looks at his daughter with an aloof smile.  Then he says to her: “Sorry, I can’t save you.” Then he walks away mercilessly.  

Baby is stunned.  Then she starts to cry.

Jian Yao turns around and yells out to him: “Don’t do that in the future.  It might cause psychological shadows. 

To which he answers: “My daughter need to possess a strong heart.”  

Jian Yao: “…..”

Baby continues to cry…


After baby came, they spent less time ‘engaging intimately’.  

One evening, after baby is put to bed, Bo Jinyan says to Jian Yao: “Help!  Save me, my lovely wife.”

Jian Yao smiles and looks at him: “How do you want me to save you?”

Bo Jinyan scoops her into his arms and rolls himself on top of her: “What do you think?”


The next morning.  

Jian Yao is still half asleep when Bo Jinyan gently shakes her: “My lovely wife, I want to eat fish congee.”

Jian Yao complains: “I saved you many times last night…. Go make it yourself.  You should be serving me today.”

Bo Jinyan thinks about how she ‘rescued’ him the previous night.  He smiles satisfactorily: “Ok.  Take a rest.”

Just as he is about to get out of bed, he sees baby sitting up in her bed, starring at them.

“Help!  Save me!” She says.

Jian Yao is a little apprehensive.  Oh no!  Did baby hear the words they used when they were flirting with each other?   Even though baby do not comprehend what they said, but it’s still inappropriate…

But her concerns are unnecessary.  Because baby promptly climbs out of her bed and heads to the toilet while shouting: “Help!  Save me!  Wee-wee…”


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