Chapter 49

Chapter 49
When you love a person, you want to share your deepest secrets with him.

On a peaceful night. Even the stars are ready for bed, shimmering in the horizon.   Jian Yao curls up like a cat on the sofa.  She is resting her head on Bo Jinyan ’s chest.  She says: “Actually, I can’t remember much about what happened to dad, or even what he looks like.”

Bo Jinyan  nods: “That’s the usual memory capacity for a normal person.”

Jian Yao laughs. She beats his chest lightly.  Even as a listener, he is serious and ‘technical’.

 “I was seven then.” she said. Her eyes are looking into a blank space. “Dad was involved in a murder case with a gang leader.   The man had many followers.”

“Ah..” Bo Jinyan ’s hand plays with the hair behind her ears: “Continue.”

“That day, dad brought me and Xiao Xuan to my grandfather’s house.  It’s grandpa’s birthday.  Mom had to work late in the factory.” Her voice is turning coarse. “We were having so much fun.  I remembered grandma and grandpa were cooking dinner.  Jian Xuan was very young then.  She was sleeping in the room.  Dad was playing with me.  Then, those men came.”

Jian Yao’s tightens her grip on Bo Jinyan ’s hand.  Bo Jinyan  looks at her with his deep black eyes.

“They call themselves the ‘axe gang’, because their choice of weapon is axes.” Jian Yao lets out a breath, “Actually, they are all boys between twelve to twenty years old.  They ran away quickly after the incident. All of them were caught and served time in prison after that.”

After she finishes, she keeps quiet and leans more into his arms.  

And Bo Jinyan ….

He sees her head digging into his chest.  His heart has a burst of warmth and pity for her:  Oh… she confides and trusts in him.  Her man. 

Listening and sharing are important aspects of any relationship, just like physical closeness. 

After drafting a response in his mind, he says to Jian Yao: ‘I am glad you share your past with me.  Actually, I already know about this a long time ago.  But it has a different significance to hear it from you. This means that the love and trust you have for me has reached a deeper level.  Of course, I am the same.”

Jian Yao smiles in his arms.

He continues: “You have handled the tragic incident very well.  I am very proud of you.”
Tears form in the corners of her eyes.  She knows his response will be different from the usual “don’t be sad.” Type’s statements.  But he is proud of her?

A simple statement, like the most beautiful music notes, has made an impact in her heart. 

She pauses for a while, then she says: “There’s more.”

Bo Jinyan raises his brows.  He looks at her.

“I was not in the room.  I was in the lounge.” She says slowly. “I was playing hide and seek with dad.  He… locked me in the cupboard, and pushed a sofa over to cover it.  I could see what’s going on.  They had the music up.  No one heard my screaming and yelling.  When I was rescued, dad was still alive.  I held on to him, until he breathed his last breath.”


Why did she decide to tell Bo Jinyan about it tonight?

Perhaps after saying goodbye to Li Xunran reminded her of her past.

Perhaps she has finally found a person whom she can share, without reservations, her deepest and most painful memories.

Because he understands.  He understands how she would have felt, more than anyone else. 

From now on, he is the closest person to her.  

Bo Jinyan  looks solemn.  He stares at her for a few seconds, then he kisses her.  

This evening, he embraced her while he listened quietly, and of course making sure his side of the promise was met - a kiss every now and then.  When they first started, Jian Yao didn’t pay too much attention.  Later, she realised that he strictly followed the time limit - once five minutes was reached, he would pause the conversation and ask for a kiss.  

She asks him if there are any interesting things he did at university that he wants to share with her.  He frowns and replies: “Nothing in particular.”

Jian Yao: “….. ok.”

She is feeling tired.  It’s getting late.  

She stands ups from the sofa: “I am going to bed now.”

Bo Jinyan looks at her.  He also stands up. The two of them goes back through the lounge to get to their respective rooms.  

Jian Yao says before she walks into her room: “Good night.”

Bo Jinyan  gently kisses her forehead: “Good night.  Sweet dreams.”


But she didn’t really have sweet dreams. Instead, she finds it hard to fall asleep.  Perhaps her heart is feeling a little empty after recalling the events from her childhood.  She looks out the windows.  Stars dimly lines the dark sky.  She sighs.

 Then she thinks about Bo Jinyan .  These few nights, after a lot of cuddling and kissing, he will ask for more.

The first day.  He asks: “Do you want my body?”

The second day.  He says: “Sleep in my room tonight?”

But tonight. He seemed to have forgotten about this.  He simply said goodnight to her. 

Jian Yao laughs.


In Bo Jinyan ’s room.  

He is wearing his black pyjamas, lying straight (in the healthy sleep posture) on the bed.  But he is not asleep yet.  

He has seen things far worse than Jian Yao’s experience.  A lot more cruel and bloody, including his own past. 

But when he thinks about his woman had once been through hell, and remembers her tears, he feels agitated. 

After lying in bed for an hour or so, he gets out of bed, and takes out a key.  He walks out of his room. 

Men like him don’t even consider whether it’s appropriate to go into a woman’s bedroom in the middle of the night, without her permission.  

He only knows he really wants to be with this woman now.  And she is just a wall away. So, why not? 


Jian Yao is still awake.  She hears his footsteps.

Bo Jinyan  is awake too? What is he trying to do in the middle of the night?

Then she hears the sound of the door being unlocked.  He quietly walks into her room, and closes the door behind him.

Jian Yao is not nervous. She knows Bo Jinyan  will not do anything to her that is against her will.  The room is dark.  She half open her eyes to see what he wants to do next.  

He walks up to the bed.  Jian Yao quickly closes her eyes to pretend she is asleep.

Then she feels her hand is lifted up by him.  A warm moist touch - he kisses her hand.  

Jian Yao’s heart skips a beat.  He gently puts her hand back on bed. 

Sometimes, a small kiss on the back of the hand  means more to woman than a long passionate kiss.  

That is because it’s not about lust - just admiration.

Jian Yao wants to laugh, but she refrains.  After a while, she senses there’s no more movement.  She thought he is going to leave the room.  But the right hand side of her bed sinks in.  

She is stunned. He lied down on her bed?

His masculine scent is coming towards her.  The coolness of the fabric of his black pyjamas brushes past her nose.  Then, there’s weight on top of her waist.  He is resting his hand there. 

She tries hard not to move.  He is obviously not that tired. Soon, his hand is twirling her hair.  But he is only doing it gently and carefully, just in case he wakes her up.

This guy….

Jian Yao can’t stand it anymore. She opens her eyes.  Her pupils are bright even in the dark room.  

Their eyes meet.  He is a little stunned.  Then he smiles.

“You can’t sleep either.” he sounds pleased. 

Jian Yao laughs.  He is facing her, which means he is lying down sideways.  She says to him: “Oh, an unhealthy sleep posture.”

Bo Jinyan  examines his pose.  That’s true.  He didn’t even notice that. As someone that despises her sleeping position… he has broken the golden rule.

He looks at her for a while: “So?”

She answers: “So.. what?”

“How are you going to compensate me?”

Once the voice stops, his kiss lands on her mouth. 

A deep kiss.  His hands cupping her cheeks.  He kisses her until she starts to gasp for air.  

Then he looks at her.  

Jian Yao looks at him too.  He is like a beautiful sculpture, whose existence is for the sole purpose of staring at her. 

Heat is rising quickly in this room.  At least, that’s how the two of them feel. It’s like something is fermenting in the air.  Her heart is pounding like never before.  The emptiness she felt earlier is completely filled and soothed by this kiss.  His mouth, his every touch, like a magnet, is attracting her to want more. 

She wraps her arms around his neck.  And at the same time, he moves on top of her.  Their hands lock together.  His lips press on her again.  


(TB:  the next bit contains some low level sexual content. As it is a blog intended for general audience, I thought I'd better take that out.  The story will still make sense without it.   But don't stone me yet....  If you are old enough to read it, just click here )


Suddenly the phone rings.

Both of them pauses. 

Jian Yao was in a dreamy state while Bo Jinyan  was all over her.  She is ‘awaken’ by the call. She reaches out to the bedside cabinet.

“Leave it.” Bo Jinyan  is trying to grab her hands.

Jian Yao: “…. This is a special ringtone I set for incoming calls from the Police Station.”

Bo Jinyan  gives a big sigh.

He reaches out and takes the phone: “I am Bo Jinyan.”

The team leader is a little taken back.  He calls Jian Yao’s number but Bo Jinyan  answers the phone… in the middle of the night? 

But he had more important issue at hand than to speculate what is happening over their end: “A family is murdered in the Daxin district.  The crime scene is gruesome, and very strange.  It’s hard to explain over the phone. Please come over immediately.”


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