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Extra 7

Extra 7

Marriage Certificate

A warm spring day. Today, Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao will register their marriage at the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

Fortunately, the queue is not long.  There are about ten couples ahead of them standing in line.  But of course, they are the most attractive couple by far.  

The tall and handsome Bo Jinyan is wearing a custom made suit specially made for this occasion, with a dark grey shirt inside.  Jian Yao looks elegant and beautiful in a light blue dress.

Jian Yao is used to attracting attention, but not to this degree.  She knows that it is probably due to the man that is standing beside her.  As she puts her arm around his, she notices that he is looking at the people that are ahead of him in the queue.  He seems to be deep in thought.

“Is something bothering you?” She asks softly.

Bo Jinyan sweeps her a look.  Usually, this look represents something important.  She looks carefully at the people he is observing.  There are a few young man in their twenties, and a few ordinary looking middle aged man standing with their wives-to-be.  There’s nothing extra-ordinary about these people. 

“What’s the matter?” She asks even more quietly.

He looks at her and says heartily: “ I must thank destiny for letting us meet each other.”

Jian Yao is a little confused.  That’s sweet!  But hang on… what makes him say something so touching?  It’s not his usual style.  Or perhaps the atmosphere here somehow manages to affect his usually dull heart?  

As she is pondering, she hears him say: “Or else, you would be marrying to a mediocre man just like them.  Oh!  I can’t accept even the thought of it.” 

Jian Yao: “….”

So that’s what’s in his mind.

Sentimental?  No way, it’s just pride. 


The registration process is a simple one.  After paying nine dollars and getting a stamp on the little book, they are now officially husband and wife.

On their way back home, Jian Yao holds the red little booklet (Marriage Certificate) in her hand.  She is overwhelmed with emotions.  But Bo Jinyan seems to be as cool as ever.  He only took one look at his red booklet and it’s been sitting in his trousers’ pocket ever since.  

He has this ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude since the proposal.  To him, whether they decide to register at the  Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau is not important.  A promise that comes from the heart means so much more than a piece of paper with a written agreement on it.  

“Well, if you think that kind of stuff is important to you, then we’ll do it.”  He said during the proposal.  
The genius’ brain obviously works differently to other normal human beings.  If another man said this to her, it’s probably because he is trying to avoid commitment.  But Jian Yao understands him.  Getting registered is only a legal requirement that needs to be fulfilled.  He is already so committed to the relationship, there is no chance that they will need a divorce, so therefore, what’s the value of going through the process?     

In the end, they agreed that they would register their marriage, but they would not have a big celebration or ceremony.  Jian Yao cannot imagine him wearing a traditional groom’s gown, having to entertain and talk to the many guests that attend their wedding… Oh, forget it.

A few days have past since they received their marriage certificate.  Jian Yao has never seen him looking at it.  For the first few nights, she takes hers out and looks at it every night before she goes to bed.  But tonight, she decides to lock it in a drawer in their bedroom.  So she asks him: “Where is your marriage certificate?  I will lock it in the drawer together with mine.”  

Bo Jinyan looks at her: “Is that even necessary?” Then he walks off to read some documents.

That’s an unusual reaction.  Jian Yao thinks to herself.  But then she comes to a conclusion.  Because it is not an important document for him, he’s probably forgotten where he has placed it.  But he is unwilling to admit and to look for it.  Never mind.  When it reappears one day, he will pass it to her.

One week later…

There is a security check on the ground floor of one of the buildings of the Ministry of National Securities.  It’s the centre for storing confidential information.   Today, they have a meeting there to discuss a serial robbery case.  As they past through the check point, they are asked to empty their belongings from their pockets for inspection.  Not only that, they have to take off their jackets and shoes for inspection.  Whenever Jian Yao knows she needs to come to this building, she will make sure only essential items are in her purse.  There was an embarrassing incident once.   She had some sanitary pads in her bag and a few male officers looked through her bag… 

Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are frequent visitors to the building, and the security guard knows them quite well.   When it’s Bo Jinyan’s turn, he slowly takes out all the items in his pockets - a notebook, a pen, his wallet, car keys…”Pang”, a small red booklet falls on the ground. 

Jian Yao is shocked.  Bo Jinyan picks up the booklet and places it with the pile of his other belongings. Then he continues to empty his pockets - handkerchief, mobile phone…

Even the two security guards are dumbfounded.  It’s the fist time they have seen someone carrying their marriage certificate with them.  The younger security guard picks up the marriage certificate, looks at Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao and says to them: “Congratulations.”

Bo Jinyan smiles: “Thank you.  Are you done yet?”

“Yes, yes.” The two security guards return his items to him.  They are still a little puzzled.  Why did Professor Bo carry his marriage certificate with him?

Jian Yao blushes.  She is also puzzled like the guards.  Perhaps he needs to disclose their new status to the ministry of National Security? Is that why he is carrying the booklet with him?

She tries to confirm that with Bo Jinyan: “Why is your marriage certificate in your pocket?”  

“Is that a problem?”  He asks, “I thought we are supposed to keep important documents with us at all times.”

Jian Yao: “…”
Ah!  So, that’s the reason why he doesn’t keep it at home.  


“So, you keep it in your pocket everyday?” She is still blushing, but a sense of happiness swells up from within her.  

“Of course!”  He answers.

They head towards the lifts. She walks behind him with a smile.  

Didn’t he mention a few days ago these sort of things are not important, and he doesn’t need her to keep it safe for her?

But in reality, it’s because he wants to keep it with him all the time.

But… who carries their marriage certificate with them all the time? 

Even though he is an extremely intelligent man, he can be so childish and stubborn at times. 


Jian Yao is so touched by what he did, that she is more affectionate than usual for the next few days.  Naturally, Bo Jinyan can’t be more happy about that.  Their relationship is strengthened by this little episode.  

It didn’t take long for all the staff that works in the building to know they are married.  Some  of them jokingly ask for lollies.  

(NOTE from TB: The Chinese  often gives out sweets/lollies as gifts when they get marry.)

Jian Yao is a little embarrassed by this.  She encourages Bo Jinyan: “I know the marriage certificate is a very important document to you and you want to carry it with you all the time, but it’s weird walking around with it everyday.  Why don’t you keep it at home?”

Bo Jinyan glances at her and chooses to ignore her suggestion.  

Then… one day…

Jian Yao needs to go to the Ministry of National Security office by herself.  There is a new security guard working today.  As he is about to ask her more questions to confirm her identity, another guard comes and says to the new guard: “Don’t bother asking.  She is the wife of the man that brings his marriage certificate to work.”

Jian Yao: “…..”

’The man that brings his marriage certificate to work’ has become Bo Jinyan’s new nickname?

The guard smiles to her: “Oh… I heard about you guys when I was still working in another branch.  Where is your marriage certificate?”  

Jian Yao: “…..”

- But I am not Bo Jinyan.  I don’t carry my marriage certificate with me all the time!  


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