Summer 3

Even though she spent quite a bit of time with him on the night of the accident, the lights were not bright then , and it was like looking through a layer of thin black gauze. But now, he stands in front of her. He looks immaculate in his suit and black shirt. 

His hands are inside the pockets of his trousers.  He lifts up his chin, and looks at her with an icy gaze.  

Her second impression of him is the same as her first - This man has the word ‘arrogant’ written all over him.  He is proud to the core.

“Mu Han Xia.”  He says her name slowly.

Mu Han Xia gives a puzzled expression on her face: “You are…”

He does not look pleased that she can’t remember him.

But Mu Han Xia can’t help but feel pleased that she managed to annoy him: “Oh, it’s you.  I remember now.  Hope you have completely recovered from your injuries.”

He gives her a soft “Hmm…” sound.

Mu Han Xia looks him in the eye and smiles at him: “Congratulations.”  She is genuinely happy for him.  

He gives her a quick glance and looks at the surroundings: “Let’s find a place to sit down and talk.”  

“I can’t leave my post.” Mu Han Xia answers: “What do you want to say to me?”

He is quiet for a moment: “You are a salesperson?” 

“Yes, I told you I wasn’t lying.” She puts her hands behind her back: “And to be more precise - a pretty and smart salesperson.”  

He is not taken by her humour.  He looks down and examines the cookies she made.  

Mu Han Xia places a few cookies in front of him: “Come on, give it a try.  My treat.”

He picks one up and pops it into his mouth.  She notices his hand is not like her other male colleagues.  His fingers are slim and long and his skin is very fair. 

“Well, how does it taste?”  She asks.

He didn’t answer her question.  Instead, he said: “I’ll buy all of your cookies.”

Mu Han Xia is stunned.  Now that’s the attitude of a rich man.  He is taking all the whole lot of her $5.5 per catty* cookies!  She laughs and says to him: “I can’t do that.  The most I can sell to one person is half a catty.”

(Note from TB: 1 catty is equivalent to approximately 600 grams) 

She swiftly packs up the cookies and passes the bag to him.  He stands quietly at the counter, watching her every move.

For a few minutes, no one speaks.  She secretly wonders in her mind if he will pass her a cheque as a gift of appreciation for saving his life.  

That’s ridiculous.  She thought to herself.  But somehow, her heart starts to pound…

He is taking his hand out of his pocket.  He is holding a piece of paper in his hand.  She blushes. 

Then she notices what the piece of paper is.  No, it’s not a cheque.  It’s… his name card?  He hands it to her.

A simple card in that’s in a pale gold colour.  No fancy designs.  Just two rows of words.  

Feng Chen Trading Company Limited

General Manager - Lin Mo Chen

She has not heard the name of this company before.  As for his name… Mmmm.. all the character are looks slender but powerful.  His name suits him.   

She quickly wipes off the oil and grease on her hands onto her apron. Then she reaches out with both hands to take his card. The sweet smell of baking fills the air.  

“Come and work in my company, as an administrative assistant.”  He says.

Mu Han Xia is most surprised to hear this.  She never expected this from him.  A job offer?  

“You…” A sense of warmth comes over her.  She is speechless for a moment.

As if her reaction is part of his expectation, he gives a faint smile: “Take your time to consider my offer.” 

“No…” Mu Han Xia interrupts him with a smile on her face.  She shakes her head: “Thanks, Lin Mo Chen.  Thanks for thinking so highly of me. But I’d rather stay here, in Le Ya.” 

Lin Mo Chen keeps quiet.  He gives her an icy gaze: “You would rather stay in a supermarket and be a salesperson?”  He asks.

Mu Han Xia laughs.  She thinks to herself, I am shifting to management soon.  But she answers him with a smile: “Yes, I love being a salesperson.”  

He keeps quiet again.  But Mu Han Xia can sense his mood change.   

Hey, what right does he has to be angry with her?  Is that the attitude of someone coming to show his appreciation to the person who saved his life?  She thinks to herself.

She is about to say something to ease the tension between them when he takes out his sunglasses from his pocket.  Looks like he is ready to go.  

She watches as he puts on his sunglasses.  He has a grim expression on his face.  Then he says something that’s beyond her expectations.

“In three months, I will force this store to close its doors for good.  Before that happens, you can come and join my company.  This is my repayment to you for saving my life.”


Soon after Lin Mo Chen leaves, someone from management calls Mu Han Xia: “Mnanger Meng is calling for a meeting.  He has asked you to join us.”  

Mu Han Xia makes a quick dash to the toilet.  She gets out of her greasy uniform and puts on a T Shirt and a pair of jeans.  Then she looks at the girl that has no make up and who is slightly nervous in the mirror.  She lets her hair down, combs it with her hand and ties it back into a ponytail.  Yes, she is ready.

To make sure she is not late for her first meeting, she runs towards the conference room.  When she is a few steps away from the door, she slows down and walks casually into the room.  She is putting on a brave front, but inside she is nervous.  Her throat is feeling a little dry.  The room is packed full of people.  Meng Gang is sitting in the middle of the room.   As if he knows that she is looking at him, he lifts his head and looks towards the entrance.  Mu Han Xia smiles and nods respectfully.  Then she finds a seat in the corner of the room and sits down.  

Some people are smoking in the room.  Some people are talking in a low voice.  Mu Han Xia is holding a pen and a notebook.  It feels like a dream to be here.  

Soon, everyone is present.  

Meng Gang taps the table top with his hand softly: “Let’s start.”

The room quiets down.  Everyone, including Mu Han Xia is looking at Meng Gang. 

He starts speaking: “Yong Zheng Supermarket will be open for business in a month’s time.  We need to come up with some strategies to protect our market share.”


After Lin Mo Chen leaves Le Ya Supermarket, he heads to the hospital.  

Cheng Wei Wei is resting in the VIP ward.  There are two servants from the Cheng household there too.  When Cheng Wei Wei sees Lin Mo Chen entering the room, she dismisses the two servants.  

Lin Mo Chen sits down on the sofa.  Cheng Wei Wei squeezes a smile on her face.  Her head is wrapped in bandages, and her right leg is in a cast. 

“Did you find the girl who helped us?”  She asks.

Lin Mo Chen folds one leg on top the other, and rests his hand on his knee.  He looks at her: “Yes.”

“Repaying her kindness with a cheque… that should be sufficient. Right?”  She says.

Lin Mo Chen didn’t answer her.

Cheng Wei Wei looks at Lin Mo Chen.  He is a little pale from the injuries, but he is still as handsome and attractive as ever.  She sighs: “This is so unfair.  We were in the accident together.  You are free to roam about, and I have to stay in hospital for a whole month.”

Lin Mo Chen takes a bottle of mineral water.  He opens the lids and takes a sip: “Vivian, we are business partners.  What you are saying is, because of that, I have to suffer the same injuries as you in order for it to be fair?  Do you have any consideration for me?”  

Cheng Wei Wei was only joking of course: “Ok Ok… Jacky, you win.  But seriously, I invited you to help me plan the launch.   As you know, everyone in the company - the directors, their sons, and my brothers in law… they are all watching me closely.  This is an investment that involve a large amount of money.  I am going to be stuck here for another month, but I don't want anyone else to meddle with it.  Jacky, I am counting on you.”

Lin Mo Chen keeps quiet.  

Cheng Wei Wei looks at him sincerely: “Can you put aside your plans for setting up your own company, Feng Chen, for a while and focus on the launch and management of Yong Zheng for me for this next month?”  

Lin Mo Chen smiles.  He looks at her leg that is hanging in midair inside the cast.  She moans softly to indicate to him that her injuries are still giving her pain.  

Lin Mo Chen says: “Do I look like a man that would do anything for a woman?  Especially when you are not even my woman?”

Cheng Wei Wei feels there is a lump in her chest.  She controls her disappointment and says calmly: “I know.  Okay. Name your price.”

Lin Mo Chen looks at her: “When my company is up and running, All the Yong Zheng supermarkets will stock my products.  Plus, I want add another 5% margin to what I will get from the deal.”

Cheng Wei Wei agrees reluctantly: “Ok.  I agree to your terms.”

Lin Mo Chen smiles.

The sun has just set.  The sky is still bright from the remnants of daylight.  The pale light coming through the window and rests on Lin Mo Chen.  Since the first day she met him in the university, he has had this decisive and aloof stance about him.  He is an opportunist, ready to make more money at every available chance.  

She admires his good looks for a while, then she turns her head away from him: “The 
sales data report for Le Ya supermarket for the last few months is on the table.” 

Lin Mo Chen picks up the report and starts reading it.

Cheng Wei Wei says: “Jacky, I know this is not the most interesting job for you.  You are used to working in industries with more flexibility.  The business model for supermarkets is rigid.  There is not much room to move, and the revenue margins are small.  And because you only have one shop to work with, your only strategy is to initialise a price war.  But I can assure you that I have requested from the headquarters for a good amount of cashflow, and complete freedom to determine our strategies and business directions.   Hopefully, this will make it easier for you.”  

Cheng Wei Wei thought her words would win some praise and appreciation from Lin Mo Chen.  But instead, he doesn't even lift his head, and says to her: “What’s so difficult about the launch?  Price war?  I can win it with my eyes closed.”  


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